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March 2nd, 2014

How ‘Bouts a Little Tour?

by Julie Hirt

I don’t have any big finishes to share and it’s a boring, snowy day.  Since my room is fairly clean I figured  now may be a good time to take a little tour.

After learning to sew on the kitchen table a few years ago, I know how lucky I am to have a room dedicated to crafty things.  Even though I stole converted the game/guest room, I don’t feel bad – it sees a lot more action now.

Here is a picture I stitched together so you can see most of the room.

tour 627handworks (8)

I’m proof that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a functional sewing/craft room.  I have several great Craigslist’s buys and ‘hubby-builts’.

tour 627handworks (14)

Starting with this awesome down stuffed chair.  Craigslist!  The dogs and I sure love it. (that’s Huey wearing a diaper – he’s a rescue and we can’t seem to fully potty train him)

That little side door opens up to attic storage. I have bins in there that store odd fabrics like vinyl that I don’t use often.  The red stool was a $1 garage sale buy. A little paint and some oilcloth fixed it up.

tour 627handworks (13)

The serger desk is only a few months old and is another Craigslist buy (along with the chair I refinished).  This summer my husband is going to paint it for me. I’m thinking color instead of white. Thoughts?

White box on the wall is a mini-split air conditioner.  Since this is a dormer room it gets miserably HOT in the summer.  This was a great investment and makes it possible for me to stand sewing in the summer.

tour 627handworks (10)

A hubby-built design wall made from some kind of foam and white flannel.   Only two more blocks left to go on the stars quilt top!

Blue dress is from a Retro Butterick pattern and it’s almost finished.  Just need to hem the skirt and make a belt.

tour 627handworks (9)

This is the first dress I’ve made and I love that it’s fully lined.

tour 627handworks (4)

Craigslist buy!  Stores my precuts and couple amigurimi.

tour 627handworks (11)

I. Love. My. Desk.   The ends are two Ikea Alex units and the top is a 6′ piece of some kind of wood. My husband just recently flush mounted my sewing machine and it’s amazing.  Seriously.

The little owl is my garbage bowl for cut threads and paper pieced trimmings.

tour 627handworks (5)

My hope chest, thread shelf (hubby-built) and a folding ironing table that I use a lot when paper piecing. Saves me from getting up/sitting down a thousand times per block.

tour 627handworks (3)

This end of my cutting table has vintage sheets and 3 bins of scrap batting for FMQ practice.

tour 627handworks (12)

I’m not sure if I could live without this table, which is another hubby-built.  The table is made with an inexpensive cube shelf on each side and topped with a large painted board. To make it pretty Paul added some trim.  The skirt hides two foot lockers that are stuffed with miscellaneous quilter crap.

tour 627handworks (1)

Scrap bins behind my cutting mat – when I’m cutting I can toss scraps and sort later.

tour 627handworks (2)

Jug o’ selvedges.

tour 627handworks (18)

Other side of cutting table holds books, chenille blankets and scrap bins. I sort by size, do you sort by size or color?  How do you store scraps?

My room is still messy but in better shape than normal.

tour 627handworks (17)

My fabric stash is pretty modest but it’s ALL MINE.  I’m sure some analogy about not sharing as a child fits in here somewhere.

The armoire is another Craigslist buy. It’s solid wood and so heavy that my husband says it stays when we move.

tour 627handworks (15)

My closet is a total catch-all.  Batting roll, weaving loom, raskog cart, scrapbook paper, embroidery junk, jewelry making supplies, some paints, kite paper, wax, inks… everything.

tour 627handworks (16)

My husband built the side shelves for me.  They are like 2′ deep and hold a lot.  When I just had the clothing bar it was a total clusterf*ck.

Well, that’s it.  I’d love to hear any of your organization ideas or thoughts on making my space more functional.  Hope you had a great weekend.




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