Quilt Bee App

So excited to announce…

Quilt Bee App


The Quilting Bee app makes it easy to organize your sewing projects, quilting clubs, quilting bees, fabrics and ideas.

Always dreaming up new sewing projects? Add it to the list!


Quilt Bee App
Keep track of your works in progress, projects you’d like to make and your quilting bees and swaps.

Perfect for holiday sewing organization. Let’s say you’d like to make quilted pouches for 4 different people. Add the project and your recipients within. Take pictures of the fabrics you’d like to use for each person so you can easily remember who gets what.


photo 1(1)


When you join a new Quilting Bee or Swap add it to the list!  Include individual recipients along with notes, websites, patterns and an image for each person.


photo 2


Recipients names change color depending on the status.  You know you’re done when everyone is “green”.  Perhaps green with envy because of your mad sewing skills?


photo 4

The Quilt Bee was designed to be user friendly and simple to use.

I used to keep track of my projects and ideas in a notebook that was never near me when I needed it. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


Quilt Bee App


Go get your very own busy bee icon and organize those brilliant sewing ideas and projects!



14 Responses to “Quilt Bee App”

  1. This app is a genius idea Julie!!!

  2. Looks fabulous! I admit, I got curious when I saw this on your flickr, but I hadn’t looked yet.

  3. Just wondering, Julie, where to find this app?

  4. Can’t wait to try it out! Great idea.

  5. When will this be available for the droid?

  6. I LOVE this app. I have a question. How do you delete recipients and swaps. I just can’t figure it out I am sure I will feel silly after I get the answer.

  7. Ha! Love seeing my name from round 1 as the example! Whoop whoop!

  8. I am having trouble entering, then saving quilt projects. I am able to enter projects as separate ‘bees’ with photos but when I close the app and re-open it, the projects are not there. Any suggestions?

  9. I don’t know how to get and use this fantastic app. Please help as I have been looking for something like this for years. I am older and not up on all this tech stuff. I am in process of building a quilty forum on Delphi forums and this would make a great addition.

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