June 22nd, 2020

Splash into Living Coral – Free Quilt Pattern

by Julie Hirt

I wanted to share my 2019 Color of the Year quilt pattern.

Splash into Living Color

2019 Color of the Year for Pantone (Living Coral) and Kona (Splash) work really well together. I wanted a quick and easy quilt to commemorate them – they are super beachy and right up my alley.


I found the closest Kona color match for Living Coral is Melon.

splash into color kona solids

Splash into Living Coral

Measures 70 x 82 (width is adjustable by how many yards cut)

Because the width is the same length as yardage cut, you can easily adjust the size.  Your edges will most likely be uneven between white, melon and splash due to cutting differences. After quilting, trim up the sides and you’ll be set.

2 yards Kona White
2 yards Kona Splash
2 yards Kona Melon

You will not be cutting with WOF – but across the 2 yard length.

From Splash and Melon cut 1 each:
7.5 x 72 strip
6.5 x 72 strip
5.5 x 72 strip
4.5 x 72 strip
3.5 x 72 strip
2.5 x 72 strip
1.5 x 72 strip

From White cut:
(15) 2.5 x 72 strips

Stitch by alternating melon and white strips. Start with a white strip, then alternate with the largest strip (7.5) and working toward the smallest (1.5). Ending on the 1.5″ melon strip.

Repeat with Splash and white strips, adding an additional white strip after the 1.5″ splash strip.

Stitch the melon set with the splash set, smallest color strips in the center.

Splash into Living ColorJulieHirt

Would love to see your version!


April 2nd, 2020

Here Comes the Sun – Coloring Page and Mini Quilt

by Julie Hirt

We’re all in this together. After seeing a lot of rainbows and interesting window art on my neighborhood walks, I wanted to join in. I created an image in Illustrator and put it to fabric.

Here Comes the Sun Mini Quilt 627handworks.com

Here are the two images I digitally designed to choose from:



I chose to make the former, hoping once this quarantine ends I can hang my mini without negative associations.

Since this process was a first for me, I wanted to share how it was achieved. If you choose to make one, it’s more of a guideline than a traditional pattern.

My mini measures 32″ square. I printed out the PDF and taped the 12 pages together  to make one large ‘pattern’.

HereComesTheSun PDF

InThisTogether PDF

Now that I  had it printed I was like… uhh, now what!


  • First I traced the MIRRORED image of the letters onto the paper side of Heat n Bond Lite. You can use any double sided interfacing that you’d use for applique.
  • Ironed the paper to the wrong side of my fabric, then cut out the letters using my traced images. Set aside.
  • Cut  out each rainbow curve, individually.
  • Traced each curve onto my fabric ADDING a seam allowance on both sides of each curve. (this measurement is up to you, I added a generous 1/4″)
  • Starting with the center curve (purple) I pinned the outer purple curve to the inner curve of the blue. Stitched together. Lightly notched the curve and ironed. Repeated all the way up the rainbow.
  • Cut out a 32″ piece of white fabric. Placed the rainbow along the bottom and right sides. I pinned it in place and folded the inner curve (purple) raw edge under 1/4″ as well as the seam allowance for the raw edge on the outer (red) curve.
  • Stitched the rainbow onto the white background along the inner and outer  pinned curves. I don’t know what this process is called as I’ve never really done applique!
  • Cut out fabric for the sun leaving a seam allowance along the curve. Pinned in place, tucking the seam allowance underneath. Stitched in place along the curve and edges.
  • Removed the heat and bond paper on the letters, placed them were I wanted, and ironed down. I didn’t stitch over these but would recommend it. I knew mine would be heavily quilted and just a wall hanging.
  • Quilted and bound.

This is what *I* did but I’m sure there are several methods for achieving something like this. You could even applique all pieces. My intentions when I put it this together was to make something for me and not a ‘pattern’. Then I thought sharing my process may benefit someone.

Here are some coloring pages you can print on letter size paper.

HereComesTheSun ColoringPage PDF


InThisTogether ColoringPage PDF


If you make something for your windows or the coloring pages I’d love to see them! Tag me on Instagram @juliehirt.


January 15th, 2019

Looking for Paper Piecing blocks from the Block Rock’n Series?

by Julie Hirt

Due to changes within Craftsy I am moving the patterns to Etsy. Each block will priced at $1 OR buy the entire series of 12 blocks for $5.

This was a free series in the past. Having Etsy host the patterns is easier for  me, so feel free to share within sewing groups. Especially if you use one of the patterns as your Bee block! They do NOT need to be purchased multiple times. Same with the series purchase.

Thanks for your patience while I got these listings updated – they are ready to go.

Purchase and download HERE.



December 27th, 2017

Quilt Round Up! Loads of Pics

by Julie Hirt

Recently I realized there are quite a few quilts I’ve never blogged about. I wanted to get them on here, mainly because it’s nice to look back and see all my finished quilts.

Going to post a lot of pics and not a lot of descriptions, but feel free to ask questions!

Are you ready? Here we go…

Selvedge Quilt

Selvage quilt 627handworks (2)

Selvage quilt 627handworks (3)

Selvage quilt 627handworks (1)


Fireman Themed – Custom Baby Quilt

Fireman Themed Maltese Cross (3)

Custom quilt request included dalmations, calico, gingham, firetruck quilting in a girly fireman theme. Drew up a simple maltese cross block – I think it turned out pretty cute!

Fireman Themed Maltese Cross (2)

Fireman Themed Maltese Cross (1)


Twin Royals quilts for my nephews

Twin Royals Quilts 627handworks (2)

I’m not a big applique lover, but I’ll do it for my nephews! Minky backed with KC quilting.

Twin Royals Quilts 627handworks (1)

Twin Royals Quilts 627handworks (3)


The Debbie – Rifle Paper Co Quilt

Rifle Paper Co Cotton Steel Quilt 627handworks (2)

Gifted over the holidays.  Linen mixed with Rifle Paper Co by Cotton + Steel on the front, rayon backing. It’s heavenly textured. Rifle Paper Co Cotton Steel Quilt 627handworks (1)

Rifle Paper Co Cotton Steel Quilt 627handworks (3)


Vintage Feedsack Quilt

Vintage Quilt 627handworks (3)

I scored this top a few years back for $20 at an antique store. We’ve dated it to the 30’s due to the lack of oranges and peaches in the fabrics. I quilted in a baptist fan pattern with wool batting.

Vintage Quilt 627handworks (4)

Vintage Quilt 627handworks (1)

My guess it’s an orphan top quilt because it’s all hodge podged together. I had to add the strip of white at the bottom to complete it.

Vintage Quilt 627handworks (2)


Granny Square Baby Quilt

Granny Square (5)

This was really fun to make – the binding is my favorite.

Granny Square (4)

Granny Square (3)


King Size Bow Tie Quilt

King Size Bow Tie quilt (7)

I didn’t have anyone to help take pics before it was delivered to it’s home, so I couldn’t fit it all into one shot. This one is a biggie.  I used Chestnut Street fabrics for the bowties and an Andover print for the background.

King Size Bow Tie quilt (4)

King Size Bow Tie quilt (1)


Crown Royal Quilt

Crown Royal Quilt 627handworks (2)

Crown Royal Quilt 627handworks (1)

Crown Royal Quilt 627handworks (3)


Cotton + Steel Scrap Buster

Cotton Steel 627handworks (1)

This is my favorite, favorite quilt and I use it daily. I think it’s because there’s not much white in it so I’m not afraid to use it. It’s my go to! I also like the large size of it, 80 x 92, as well as the dense quilting.

Cotton Steel 627handworks (2)

Cotton Steel 627handworks (3)


Unfinished Quilt Tops:

Orphan Block Paper Piecing

Orphan blocks – most are paper pieced from my Block Rockn series.  Actually sold this top so someone can quilt and enjoy it!

Plus Quilt

These blocks are from a swap. Sold this top as well so someone can quilt and enjoy it. My goal next year is to be realistic with my WIPs.

This was fun going through and seeing all the quilts!



November 3rd, 2017

Bella Skill Builder Finish

by Julie Hirt

I love how my Bella Skill Builder quilt turned out.  Huge thanks to Fat Quarter Shop for this quilt along!

Bella Skill Builder 627handworks (1)

Bella Skill Builder 627handworks (2)

We head down to Santa Rosa Beach in Florida every fall. Since my quilt colors were originally inspired by an ocean sunset (orange, yellow, sand, blues) I decided to bring it along for pics.

Bella Skill Builder 627handworks (8)

I had plenty of fabric leftover to piece a back.

Bella Skill Builder 627handworks (9)

For the quilting I decided on a simple cross hatch design. Took me forever to decide because of all the different blocks on the front.

Bella Skill Builder 627handworks (7)

I wish we could take credit for making this sandcastle. Since it was right in front of our rental we at least saw it come together.

Bella Skill Builder 627handworks (5)

Signing off with Bojangles. The dogs loving going to the beach!

Bella Skill Builder 627handworks (6)



October 1st, 2017

Bella Skill Builder Quilt Along: October

by Julie Hirt

I did it! I’ve finished all of my blocks for the Bella Skill Builder.


These are the Lazy Angle blocks made the Creative Grids Lazy Angle ruler. Be sure to leave that last row unattached for the assembly process.


I was really impressed with the ruler and can’t wait to explore more patterns I can use it with.

Next month is assembly and we’re done – I’m super excited!


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