June 23rd, 2013

Block Rock’n Week 8 – Garfunkel

by Julie Hirt

Are you having a good weekend? I am – our deck is almost done!  Thank goodness.

Now onto the good stuff… here is the Garfunkel block.



There is a variation to this block. You can make the center hexagon solid or like this:


The template has the optional area marked.  If you choose to make the first variation be sure your fabric covers the entire center piece (both 8 and 8b).

I looove Paul Simon!  As soon as I made this block the name Garfunkel just fit.   My musical tastes are all over the board.  Maybe it’s because I grew up listening to their music that makes me love them so much?

Couple of my favorites.

embedded by Embedded Video

This one is just Paul Simon… close enough :)

embedded by Embedded Video



Due to changes within Craftsy, I am moving the patterns to Etsy. 
Buy the entire series of 12 blocks for $5 or each block for $1.  

Download HERE

Feel free to share within sewing groups if you use this pattern as your Bee block!
It does NOT need to be purchased multiple times. Same with the series purchase.


Hope you enjoy this one.   I’ll be posting a picture of the block I made shortly!

If you make this block I’d love to see it:


Have a blog? Grab a button and share the fun – this is a free series! Code is here.




Edited 6/25/13 to add a photo of the block I made



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9 Responses to “Block Rock’n Week 8 – Garfunkel”

  1. I love your Garfunkel block! I grew up listening to those guys! Love it!

  2. Just found your site from a link on Fave quilts. you are so talented and love the paper pieced blocks of the block rock’n series. Block 8 seems hard because I’m so new to paper piecing and will have to play with the 8a 8b center technique.

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