November 10th, 2013

Ornaments with Felt, Sequins & Beads

by Julie Hirt

I’ve been all over the place regarding crafts this weekend.  I’ve worked on making a dog bed, ornaments, crochet rug, and on my Countdown to Christmas calendar.

Thanks to this awesome aqua deer ornament from Thrift Store Crafter (Sarah even has a free pattern!), I got the urge to create some ornaments.

I pulled out my felt, sequins, beads and threads and starting browsing the Googles machine for ideas.  So far I’ve made:

felt bird

This little bird was my first attempt. I totally stole the idea from somewhere online, but I can’t find the source now.

felt owl

This little owl idea is stolen from a brooch I saw :)

dala horse ornament

Dala horse –  it’s my favorite.  I actually came up with this one on my own.

Now that I have all my supplies out I’m going to try and create some vintage looking ornaments.  I’ll definitely be making Sarah’s deer pattern as well.

Hope you’re having a great weekend.



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9 Comments to “Ornaments with Felt, Sequins & Beads”

  1. I’ve been loving seeing these pop up on Instagram!
    The dala horse is so awesome, I need to make some for my tree this year!

  2. Oh, what adorable ornaments. They are so sweet. You did a fantastic job on the Dala horse.

  3. These are soo cute, I love them all! Makes me want to pull out my felt & bead work…

  4. Julie, these turned out great, I’m glad I helped you catch the bug to make them. Thanks for the mention,

  5. Love the decorations ……….beautiful!!!

  6. They are awesome! They a remind me of a few we have from years and years ago, cept yours are prettier. :)

  7. You are amazing! Everything you put your hand to, comes out beautifully, Julie.

  8. Hi, i love the ‘lil peeps’ idea. And the data horse too. I stumbled across this looking for ideas on what to do with clear christmas balls. Thanks!

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