August 11th, 2015

Hexie Tiles – Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern

by Julie Hirt

I’ve been seeing a ton of Art Deco style tiles showing up in my Instagram feed lately and decided to make a paper piecing in one of the designs.



The above is what I consider an advanced layout – you will need to know how to sew Y seams to assemble.


The organized rows are what I consider a basic layout and you can assemble these without Y seams!

It’s really fun to play around with the placement:

hexies1 hexies hexies2

Just changing up the background could make a huge difference too!

This pattern is FREE through Saturday on my Craftsy site, then it will cost $1.  The pattern includes 2 sizes:  3″ hexie walls and 2″ hexie walls. Which makes approximately 6″ and 4.5″ hexagons.

If you make one be sure to tag me on Instagram @juliehirt



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7 Responses to “Hexie Tiles – Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern”

  1. A truly striking quilt design…….. I LOVE this!! I intend to give it a shot (a few blocks anyway)! Thank you for so much inspiration!

  2. this pattern spoke to me . I will be doing it.

  3. Love the hexie paper piece. Just ordered on Craftsy. Thanks! I know I’ll have fun with this one.

  4. That is a great pattern! Thanks for sharing with us :)

  5. Love this Julie! I downloaded from Craftsy and will blog pics when I get around to playing with your pattern – hopefully soon!

  6. Very nice. I love the first placement, making a triangle!

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