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June 27th, 2017

Bella Skill Builder Quilt Along: April + June

by Julie Hirt

I apologize for these blocks being late, it’s summertime and I’m outdoors!

April (Block 3) Pineapple:

Bella FQS Pineaple Julie Hirt (4)

Bella FQS Pineaple Julie Hirt (3)

Bella FQS Pineaple Julie Hirt (2)

Bella FQS Pineaple Julie Hirt (1)


Can you believe this was my first time making Pineapple blocks?  Holy smokes, I am in LOVE.  These are so fun and I wish I had it in me to make a king size pineapple quilt.


June (Block 5) HST:

Bella FQS HST Julie Hirt (2)

Bella FQS HST Julie Hirt (1)

Bella FQS HST Julie Hirt (3)

HST blocks.  Easy and everyone has their own method of making these.  I have to admit, I’m not a big collector of quilting ‘tools’.  But I will say this: BUY THE TRIANGLES ON A ROLL.  Dang!  I’ve never had such perfect points and it was soooo easy. So easy.  Do it. (they come in many sizes)

I’m really enjoying this Bella Skill Builder Quilt Along with Fat Quarter Shop.  It’s a great sampler and I can’t wait to show you the July block!  Yes – I have it finished already 😉


May 2nd, 2017

Bella Skill Builder Quilt Along: May

by Julie Hirt

I think this month is my favorite block to date!  The ease of the Quilt in Day Small Flying Geese Ruler totally rocks.

Bella Builder May 2 627handworks

I’m the first to admit I’m not perfect.

Due to NO fault of the pattern (I had one of those days where I needed to step away from the sewing machine) my blocks are incorrect. I cut my ‘geese’ at 7″ squares rather than 7.5″ squares.  I’ll either remake these or add a strip of fabric to the length and make it work.  Sometimes those mistakes are great reminders to see in a quilt.

Bella Builder May 627handworks

These are a lot of fun and I love the unique method of construction.  Youtube Tutorial is here.

The Bella Monthly Builder patterns are updated here at the Fat Quarter Shop blog. You can join in at any time!  Would love to see your blocks on Instagram – just tag me @juliehirt.


March 2nd, 2017

Bella Skill Builder Quilt Along: March

by Julie Hirt

It’s month two of the Bella Skill Builder quilt along through Fat Quarter Shop. Definitely not too late to join in!

The blocks for this month is Orange Peel.

Bella Skill Builder March (1)

Bella Skill Builder March (3)

You can use the applique method of your choice. I have to be honest – I’m kind of the worst person at applique.  So don’t look too closely. :/

Bella Skill Builder March (2)

Here are my February and March blocks combined. (not bad from far away hahah!)

Bella Skill Builder March (4)

I’m doing a different color scheme but there is a beautiful kit available!


You can keep up to date and find all the FREE patterns here. Would love for you to join us!



February 1st, 2017

Bella Skill Builder Quilt Along: February

by Julie Hirt

Have you seen the new Bella Skill Builder Quilt over at Fat Quarter Shop?  When I was offered the opportunity to join in, I jumped on it!  I’ve been doing a lot of quilting lately, but not much piecing. So this is perfect for me.

Did I mention the patterns are Free?!


If you like this color scheme there is a wonderful kit available.

I’ve really been itching to make a quilt in some beachy/sunset colors.  So I opted for these Bella Solids:


My colors, from top to bottom – the kit colors they are replacing in parenthesis:

Latte (Teak)
Brushed Sand (Zen Gray)
Buttercup (Tea Rose)
Clementine (Raspberry)
Tranquil Aqua (Ruby Ice)
Peacock (Caribbean)
Turquoise (Lagoon)
Prussian Blue (White)

Here are the first blocks for the Quilt Along:




Don’t look too closely at that second block! I need to work on my quarter inch seam allowance.  Since I need to make two blocks like this, I have a chance to work on that.

Here is a copy of the free pattern.



Since this is a skill builder there are a number of rulers available to help.  For this block they recommend Creative Grids Spider Web Ruler, 6.5″ ruler and 12.5″ ruler. I have the squares but needed to use the template attached with the pattern since I don’t have the Spider Web ruler. It went fine! I didn’t have problems and I think these blocks are a great way to kick off this quilt along.

Join us – it’ll be fun!  You have all month to play catch up :)



October 28th, 2016

Lunden’s Charity Block

by Julie Hirt

You need to get your hands on a copy of this!


Several reasons:

  • Money from this block goes to Chive Charities (more on this below).
  • Minimum donation for this pattern is only 5 bucks!
  • It’s named after Lunden, who is amazing (more below).
  • It’s a 17″ block, which I think is perfect.  One block makes a pillow or mini quilt, 4 blocks make a nice baby quilt, your quilt can grow quickly.
  • It’s beginner friendly!
  • Umm, it’s GORGEOUS.



Image courtesy of @craftycop on Instagram.

You can get so many different looks by switching out fabrics and background colors.


Rather than explaining the Charity and Lunden’s Block, here is a quote from my good friend Erin (@mommy2lu on Instagram):

Let me give you a back story on Lunden’s Charity Pattern and the charity @chivecharities! They are one hell of an organization that truly changed the course of our family’s life! Handicap accessible vans are expensive and that’s putting it mildly.

2️ years ago a prideful David and I begrudgingly agreed to a fundraiser for Lunden to help purchase a handicap accessible van. Our friends around the world, family and friends of friends donated to Lunden. A week before the end of Lunden’s fundraiser Chive called me. They told me they’d been watching all of the love for Lunden and wanted in on it too! They told me they had grant earmarked for Lunden. A grant that would pay for Lunden’s van and some much needed medical equipment. Believe me when I say I tried to talk them out of it. I told Chive that Lunden had a successful fundraiser and that she only needed the difference bw what she’d raised and the cost of the van. Chive said they didn’t care how much Lunden raised. That they would be honored to cover all costs so Lunden could keep the money from her family and friends bc they knew that no money would ever be enough to support Lunden for her life time.

You guys I didn’t believe it! I called David sobbing and told him. He sobbed. This stuff didn’t happen to us. Up until that point we’d run though our savings, we were paying for Lunden’s special needs private school out of pocket. David and I had even cut down how much we ate to leave more money to pay for her therapy copays. Chive is an organization that helps good people! Chive is an organization that understands that no matter how much money you make on paper there’s never enough to support a person of Lunden’s involvement. I say the fundraiser was life changing because we had no idea that anyone really loved Lunden like we did. We emailed all of Lunden’s donors and offered them their donation back. No one wanted their money back.

David and I had no idea that love really, truly existed in the world anymore. That people still helped just to help. This is why the first (and hopefully not the last) Lunden’s Charity Blocks donations will go to Chive Charities! #lundenisawesome #tenpercenthappier


Just look at Lunden’s sweet, always smiling, face!  Believe me, she’s even sweeter in person. Even if you don’t quilt or want the pattern, I urge you to donate to Chive Charities.




Image courtesy of @saraquilts on Instagram.



Image courtesy of @mommy2lu on Instagram




  1. Donate a minimum of $5 to Chive Charities
  2. Email your receipt or screenshot of donation to mommy2lunden at
  3. Patiently wait 24 hours for Erin to email you a copy of the block





Image courtesy of @hazelstitches on Instragram




If you are on Instagram be sure to tag your blocks with the hashtag #lundenscharityblocks.  There are going to be some fun giveaways!  Hope to see a version of your block :)



October 16th, 2015

Farmer’s Wife 1930’s – Week 2 & 3

by Julie Hirt

Farmers Wife  week 2 and 3

Back from vacation and caught up on my blocks.

Farmers Wife Belle 627handworks

The Belle was a little tricky with the Y seams, but I’m satisfied with it and any weirdness will quilt out. Right?

Farmers Wife Caroline 627handworks

Ugh. Puckery, bulky Caroline. So many little points for a 6″ block with the Caroline. Again – hoping it will quilt out.

Farmers Wife Betty 627handworks

The Betty may be my favorite.  One, I love the name and two, aqua and red will always be a favorite color combination.

Farmers Wife Coral 627handworks

I modified my Coral block.  Since these will be on point I didn’t like the little square off center (see below) in the original pattern.

Farmers Wife Coral Modified

I wonder if I’ll need to refer to the first book for a few of my blocks. I don’t believe there are any repeating patterns between the books and hoping some more traditional blocks are in the first book.

Farmers Wife Coral Modified 2

Modified foundation paper piecing. Easier than drawing up an entire block.

Farmes Wife Week 2 and 3

These are the colors I pulled for week 2 and 3.

I have quite a few projects I need to work on like a baby quilt, a Fat Quarter Shop project, quilting my Gypsy Wife and Orphan Block quilts… plus the fun things I end up making that distract me. Going to be a busy fall!



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