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October 24th, 2016

Gypsy Wife Quilt

by Julie Hirt

I had to look back to see exactly when I started this quilt. It was over two years ago!   I am beyond thrilled to finally be finished.

This past June my family visited Treasure Island, Florida.  This quilt came along for the ride.


I *love* it!  Making the quilt top wasn’t a smooth process for me, but I’m happy I stuck with it.  Fabrics are from my scraps and I only had to cut into my stash for some of the large strips.


The longarm quilting pattern is my Rolling Hills Echo pattern.  I’d be happy to quilt something of yours using it 😉


Quilt pattern is Gypsy Wife by Jen Kingwell.


This trip is when I found my love for thread wax. What a difference it makes!  No knots, smoother stitches – so worth it.

Here are some non-quilt pics of the trip.


We took a deep sea fishing charter.  To spare the horrific details I’ll just say I’m the only one of the four of us with sea legs.


We rented a fantastic house and the dogs loved spending time on the upper deck.  They could see all the action!  (Yes, I try to take my dogs on most vacations.)




Elizabeth & Huey


Paul caught quite a few jack fish (I think that’s what they are) surf fishing. We had a terrific time and I’ll be sure to share pics of my selvage quilt soon.


August 28th, 2016

Designer Bullying? [*updated]

by Julie Hirt


I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here.   Lilly Ella has changed her blog post and I feel I need to respond. My original blog post is below with the original update (private messages exchanged).

1 – Lilly is stating I didn’t message her. I did. At the same time I posted my initial image that a pattern exists. See private message screenshots below.

2 – I changed my wording on my initial post per her instructions. See private message screenshots below.

3 – Lilly states she removed the Instagram post (the one stating hexie tiles is an existing pattern) per or agreement. Not accurate.  I asked her to post it and then I would delete mine.  You can see in our private messages that was the agreement. I’m assuming she deleted that post because it was mean and nasty. Unfortunately I do not have a screenshot to share.

4 – Lilly’s updated blog post states our patterns are different.  She uses a template vs mine is paper piecing. I agree, I would love to compare!  I commented on her blog yesterday. It was not approved and my question was not answered.  (Hi, it’s Julie. THE Julie. Quick question – does your template [not paper pieced, correct? looking at #5] have Y seams or  not? I’m a bit confused. Thank you.)

Lilly’s Instagram photo clearly shows it IS indeed paper pieced, not a template. AND it’s in two halves – exactly like my pattern.

If she is still open to seeing my pattern – how would she know if mine involves Y seams or not?





5 – Can we move on?



Wow. Never thought I’d find myself here.

Last year I saw a lot of Art Deco style tiles floating around Instagram and thought WOW – what a great pattern.  That’s where #hexietiles came into play.  (original post here —- FREE pattern here)

Earlier this evening I was alerted that Lilly Ella’s World was using the pattern (cool!) and stating she would be releasing it soon (not cool!).

I posted a quick response on Instagram out of anger and privately messaged her.  I’m usually low drama and not into confrontation, but I was thrown off.  I also don’t think my post was that bad:



Here is the original pattern mock up listed online and in Craftsy:



She stated she had never seen the pattern before and it was her own creation.  Whatever, it’s an easy pattern to recreate and design. Anyone can think of these things. So I re-worded my initial post and tried to play fair.

She messaged me stating I was defaming her, etc.  Then I started getting hate messages and I was like, HOLD UP.

So I did a little researching.   She had seen a version of MY pattern (one of the various layouts with this pattern) before back in December.  On Instagram, and had liked it.


insta stashfabrics


This is no longer a coincidence.

I didn’t care if she gave me credit (once again, simple pattern), my issue is that she was going to release it as her own.  Plain and simple.

She asked me to remove her picture and I said I would as soon as she posted the pattern isn’t original to her. She posted (hateful as it may be *) and I deleted mine like I agreed to.

* which has since been deleted. which wasn’t our agreement

Now, I believe she is ‘defaming’ me with this blog post. I mean, seriously?  Does it EVER end?

It’s quilting people. I had the pattern on sale for $1. Now it’s FREE! (If you recently purchased I’m more than happy to refund you, just message me). Now go get some fabric and make some hexie tiles!

She has 10k+ followers and can cry bullying, when in fact it is the other way around.  I’m just here for the fabric.

Love and stitching!


PS.  The moment I posted my original image (above) I was messaged by several people claiming this isn’t her first go ’round with issues like this.  THAT makes me sad.




Thank you for your support, it is appreciated. I’ve also been told by several people that I’ve done damage and I should have taken the high road.  I can see that side, but when are we supposed to stick up for ourselves?

Anyway, to be transparent, here’s what happened behind closed doors.

1 2 3 4 5 6

WELL.  I feel I did everything I was asked and she *still* didn’t leave up a post that the pattern exists.  Oh well, I have fabrics to quilt!

January 25th, 2016

Sleep Tight Dreamcatcher – Tutorial

by Julie Hirt

I have a new tutorial up over at Moda Bake Shop.


These are a lot of fun to put together and are kid friendly. Probably ages 7+ with a little adult supervision.


If you aren’t a quilter and don’t sew, this is a fun way to use fabric.


You get completely different looks just by changing the materials around.


You can find the tutorial HERE.


January 19th, 2016

Needlebook with Scissors Holder

by Julie Hirt

Needlebook 627handworks (4)

!!! Isn’t it cute?   A new needlebook has been on my list for a while. When I saw this free pattern/tutorial by Nana Company I knew it was the one.

Needlebook 627handworks (9)

It did take a couple hours between fussy cutting and the hand stitching embellishments, but so worth the time.  If I’m going to use it and see it often, I may as well enjoy it.

Needlebook 627handworks (8)

The interior is has a little strip of selvage from one of the fussy prints and 1973 ric-rac purchased from an estate sale.  I’ve been saving that little package for something special and this was it.  The pink button is from a jar of vintage buttons purchased from the same estate sale.

Here is my favorite part:

Needlebook KamSnaps 2 627handworks

My previous needle case has a little pocket but the scissors slip out.  Kam snaps came to mind and this is what I came up with.

Needlebook KamSnaps 627handworks

When making the pattern add medium interfacing the interior fabric so the snaps can attach to something with more substance.  Take a small piece of ribbon, fold the ends over a few times and add the snap.   This process is customized to your scissor size.

Needlebook KamSnaps 1 627handworks

When removing the scissors you really only need to undo one snap for quick access. You won’t lose the ribbon and the scissors are secure.

Needlebook 627handworks (3)

I recommend using wool or wool blend felt and not the $.50 per sheet craft felt.  It’s better for your needles and just feels a bit luxurious.

Needlebook 627handworks (4)

What is your favorite needlebook pattern?





January 17th, 2016

Here we go 2016

by Julie Hirt

Instead of a New Years resolution or Word of the Year, I chose a phrase for 2016.

Get Shit Done

Doing my best to stick with it and made this little banner. I have it hanging above my sewing machine to remind me.


I save my selvages in a big glass jar on my cutting table.  After a few years it’s starting to get pretty full so I’m stitching them into 8.5″ blocks. Hoping to have enough variety for 64 blocks. I’ve always admired selvage quilts so I’m looking forward to this one.



Hope you are off to a good 2016!



January 7th, 2016

Rope Bowl Tutorial

by Julie Hirt

Rope Bowl Tutorial 627handworks

I’ve been noticing a lot of rope bowls in my social media feeds and wanted to share some of the information I’ve gathered. From different ways to begin, end and options to decorate as you go.

Using this basic method you can make baskets, coasters, plate chargers, hot mats, table runners, rugs and I’ve even seen bags!

Gather Supplies

  • Rope*
  • Thread


  • Thread in different colors
  • Fabric scrap strips
  • Ribbon
  • Yarn
  • Leather/Pleather scraps
  • Natural dye – Dye your rope beforehand, allow to fully dry
  • Paint – Paint your rope beforehand, allow to fully dry

*I like the 7/32″ cotton clothesline rope from my local hardware store. The cost was $9 for 100 ft.  I recommend cotton approximately 1/4″ to start with, then venture out from there.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (1)

Set your machine to zig zag stitch.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (3)


START – Optional Criss Cross

Make a tight coil and put a pin in place to help hold it.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (14)

Zig Zag stitch straight across and reverse a few times.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (4)

And the other direction.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (5)

What this does is help hold your coil in place.  You need to start your zig zag stitching back in the center section. The criss cross helps with stability and I also like the look of it with contrasting thread.


Make a tight coil and put a pin in place to help hold it.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (14)

Slowly start zig zig stitching around the coil.  (If you did the Criss Cross you still need to start in the center)

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (15)

The goal is the keep the coil and loose rope going through the center so the zig zag catches both sides.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (17)

Decorate with Fabric

I like to use strips less than 1″ wide and the length is up to you. You could even wrap the rope from beginning to end in different fabrics.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (18)

I just tuck the end in and start wrapping. Keep zig zag stitching.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (19)

Keep going and you’ll come back around to it.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (20)

Decorate with Yarn and Ribbon

Using the same method as above.  The yarn is fun to play with because you can make different designs and use multiple strands at once.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (7)


Rope Basket Making 627handworks (6)


Here is a little coaster using the Criss Cross beginning, loop and tuck end (below), ribbon, yarn and contrasting thread.

(This may not be the most fabulous look combined but I wanted you to see the different options!)

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (13)


Bowl Making   

Keep making your base until it’s the width you’d like. This one is 7″.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (26)

You’ll notice that the direction I’m going above puts the coil under the arm of my machine. I cannot continue bowl making with my coil in this position, I have to cut threads and move it to the other side. (You can avoid this by going the other direction to begin with.)

Take your base and lift it up on its side and continue the zig zag stitch.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (27)

A lip will begin to form.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (28)

Just keep going and adding your fabrics, yarn or ribbon.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (29)

Join New Rope

Just for reference – the bowl on the left, coaster and bowl in progress is what you can make with 100′ of 7/32″ rope.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (30)

If you run out of rope, no worries.  Just stitch the end and the beginning of a new rope together.  I zig zagged.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (31)

Cover the join with wrapped fabric.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (32)

No one is the wiser.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (33)

Just keep going around.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (34)

And around.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (35)

END – Loop & Tuck Option

Decide how big you want your loop to be.  Pictured here is a large loop.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (36)

Pictured here is a tiny nub loop.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (37)

For this I will make a small loop.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (8)

Press the loop up against your coils, raw edge inside.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (9)

Zig zag stitch over the raw edge and down the side, back stitch the beginning of the loop.

The further you stitch, the less round the loop will be.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (10)

After you’ve back stitched, zig zag stitch over the raw edge and the outer loop.  This helps secure the loop.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (11)

The further you stitch, the smaller your loop.  Back stitch this as well.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (12)


Rope Basket Making 627handworks (45)

END – Wrapped Edge

Zig zag stitch right up to the end of your rope.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (38)

Fold your leather/pleather piece over the edge and close to the end.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (39)

Stitch down. I triple stitched using matching thread.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (40)

YAY!  You’re all done.

I love my bowls and coasters and know this is just the beginning of a nice little collection.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (43)

I’ll definitely be playing more with color changing thread.

Rope Basket Making 627handworks (47)


Different size ropes and and patterns. (image courtesy of @jmzblond Instagram)


Painted rope! (image courtesy of @onethousandlayers Instagram)


Gorgeous natural dyes (image courtesy of @sewbettyjane Instagram)


Handles! Thread and rope options (image courtesy of @vivelymade Instagram)




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