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May 14th, 2014

Gypsy Wife April & May Blocks

by Julie Hirt

Woohoo! Got caught up before I fell too far behind.  Here are my April blocks for the Gypsy Wife QAL.

Gypsy Wife blocks (1)

Would you like to be loved by me for all time?   See that little square on the bottom right – the one with the little floral center and green trim?  The center fabric is by Barbara Jones for Henry Glass. It was one of my very first fabric purchases in 2010 (I think the line is from 2009) and it’s still my favorite print of all time.  If you find it, please buy it up for me!

May blocks:

Gypsy Wife blocks (2)

The aqua prints were a surprise gift from a Flickr user I met in the Gypsy Wife group.  It was a such a sweet mail day when I received them.

Half the reason I quilt is for love of fabric.  So it’s pretty cool how different prints have memories associated with them.   Considering I’m trying to make this entire quilt using only scraps (not cutting into large fabric pieces) I’ll associate a lot of these prints with different people and projects. Some examples of fabric memories in these 7 blocks:


  • Purple floral is from a baby romper I made my niece
  • Aqua prints were gifts from an online friend
  • Red & white print was used in gifts from Mara (Simon Says Sew)
  • The fox is leftover from a fussy cut swaps hosted by Amanda (What the Bobbin)
  • The plaid is leftover from a cowboy quilt for a co-worker
  • Outer yellow print is gift fabric from Sarah Schraw (Sarah Quilts)
  • Center yellow trim is leftover from a gift for Stephanie (Quarter Incher)
  • I could go on…


I’m not a “Gypsy Wife” but I’m excited that my quilt will have a lot of people and memories associated within.


And… I’ll leave you with this:


I find it hilarious.



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