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April 30th, 2013

Pressing Table & Pincushion Caddy

by Julie Hirt

First I’d like to apologize for not getting the Block Rock’n Week 5 posted in time.  I think I’ll be switching to every other Friday now that the weather is getting so nice. We just want to be outside!

Here is my not-perfect-but-it-will-have-to-do pincushion.


I had spotted pictures of this pincushion  caddy on Flickr and was drawn to it because of the center storage. I’ve been using my Wonder Clips so much more than pins now, but I still need pins. So this is a great way to store them together and then just grab whichever I prefer.


The bottom is nice and flat and the pincushion itself is fairly large.  You can find the pattern in the book Seams to Me by Anna Marie Horner.


My caddy is SO not perfect and has fabric folds and little things that would normally bug the hell out of me. I think I’m okay with it because I really don’t want to make another one!  Plus, I love each of the fabrics.

If you use the Wonder Clips and pins, you should try this caddy – it’s a perfect solution.


Now the Pressing Table:


I LOVE THIS.  I’ve been doing so much paper piecing and was getting sick of getting up and down, up and down.  Some blocks have 50+ pieces to iron and it was getting to be a hassle.

Remembering a blog post from American Quilting I decided to make one.   So happy I did!  It cost less than $10 (Walmart for the table, I had the other materials) and it took less than 15 minutes to make.


I didn’t use Home Decor weight fabric so I double folded my edges on the underside before stapling. Since the fabric isn’t pulled tightly and I only use it to iron on, I don’t think I’ll have any problems with the staples pulling through.


This just made my sewing station super convenient for paper piecing.  Imagine a trash can next to the pressing table and picture me:  Sew, swivel, iron, swivel, cut, swivel, repeat.

If you make a lot of quilt blocks I seriously recommend this.  I have a large cutting and ironing table, but this is great for those little bits.  It also folds for storing!


See you Friday for Block Rock’n Week 5 :)


April 19th, 2013

Block Rock’n Week 4 – Icky Thump

by Julie Hirt

Helloooo Friday!    Welcome to Week 4 – this block is the Icky Thump.



Every Friday for  12 weeks I’m posting a free paper pieced quilt block template named for a song or musician.  This week is the Icky Thump because I love Jack White. LOVE ♥

Jack has so many different faces; The White Stripes, Dead Weather, The Raconteurs, his solo career and has a hand in so much more.  I wanted Jack’s block to be a little different and I think it is. The Icky Thump can be arranged a number of different ways with the seams all lining up nicely.



The first arrange above is how the block is meant to look, but it’s fun to play around with placement on this one.


embedded by Embedded Video


Download Block Rock’n – Icky Thump

If you make this block I’d love to see it:

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Have a great weekend!

April 12th, 2013

Block Rock’n Week 3 – Lithium

by Julie Hirt

Welcome to week three!  Every Friday for  12 weeks I’m posting a free foundation (paper pieced) quilt block template.   This weeks block is called Lithium.


The hardest part about this block was naming it. My high school years ranged from 1991-95.  Of course I’m a huge Nirvana fan.   I’m wearing my flannel and Doc Martens as I type.  Kurt Cobain was such a total stud to me back then.  Dozens of songs ran through my head and I finally settled on Lithium.


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I’m going to share this with you even though I’d rather not.


HA!! Total screw up.  I didn’t even realize it until it was all sewn together.  Yeah, the first picture has a little photoshop love.  I’ll redo this block one day, until then just refer to other image.


Download Block Rock’n – Lithium

If you make this block, please share!

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I posted this on Facebook earlier this year on Kurt Cobain’s birthday and I still feel this way:

Glad my angst ridden, emotional teen years were filled with plenty of Nirvava.  My heart will be forever grunge.

Have a great weekend!





April 8th, 2013

WIP – Hexy Pillow

by Julie Hirt

For some reason I feel the urge for English Paper Piecing and decided to chop up a charm pack. I think this is Gypsy Girl from Moda.

hexieproj (2)


I have enough projects I need to be working on right now:

  • Block Rockn’ Blocks needs to be sewn
  • Lucky Stars Block of the Month
  • Sugar Block Club (which I haven’t even started)
  • 4×5 Modern Bee Hive blocks due soon – Eeek!
  • Had planned to make a block a week for The Farmers Wife Pony Club
  • Fabrics are purchased and just waiting to be cut up for a Kaleidoscope quilt

So what am I working on?  A new project.  So much for my “2 projects at a time” resolution.  But aren’t the little hexagons cute?

I have a dozen or so charm packs floating around and wanted to use one, but I didn’t want large hexies.  Playing around in Illustrator I made a template to the size of my liking.  They are perfect sized hexagons for 2.5″ fabrics.  Just take a charm pack and cut it in half, then in half again.  You’ll have 168 squares.  OR use a Moda Candy pack – they are precut to 2.5″ squares. Perfect!

Download the Charm Pack Hexagon PDF Template.  You’ll be able to make 4 hexies per charm.

hexieproj (3)

How do you baste and make your EPP’s?  Everything I know I learned off YouTube videos (really), so I don’t even know if this is the correct way.  I like that I don’t have to undo the basting thread – I can just leave it attached since the thread doesn’t pierce through the front.  One less step, whether it’s right or not!

hexieproj (1)

I also found another use for the Clover Wonder Clips.  These things are so awesome.  Rather than pinning my paper to keep it from slipping, I just clip a corner and go.  Saves me a lot of time pinning.  Well, seconds – but it sure seems a lot easier.   AND the clip holds together my papers when I store them.

hexieproj (4)

After I started making a couple of hexagons I realized my Triple Zip Pouch is perfect storage for an English Paper Piecing kit!  I can also throw it in my purse and everything stays fairly organized.

minineedlebook (1)

For some reason I have scatterbrain lately.  I didn’t like my current needle book for my EPP kit, it seemed too large and didn’t fit right in my little pouch.  So, I got side tracked again and made a 2″ hard back needle book. It’s perfect for what I need.

minineedlebook (2)

How do you EPP?  Any tips for me?  How in the heck do people make full size quilts like this?  I’m about a quarter of the way done and I worked on it a LOT this weekend.



April 4th, 2013

Block Rock’n Week 2 – Zeppelin

by Julie Hirt

Happy Friday!   I’m so ready for the weekend, aren’t you?  I’ve been busy all week and haven’t had time to sew anything.  That just makes me super crabby.  Luckily I had this block all ready to go.  I was wanting to redo it with different fabrics, but this is what you get!

Every Friday for  12 weeks I’ll be posting a free foundation / paper piecing block template.  The block names will be named after bands, singers or maybe even a song title.  Week two is the Zeppelin.



Block Rock’n just wouldn’t be much fun without some tunes.  Prep your ears for some fantasticalness.


embedded by Embedded Video


Dang it… I’m going to have post two songs.


embedded by Embedded Video


Or three!


embedded by Embedded Video


Gack. #sorrynotsorry.  I know this is a quilt post, but I just love this band.  There’s no way I have a favorite Zeppelin song, I truly enjoy so many of them.  Do you have a favorite?

Back to the block!  The Zeppelin is a little tricky to print.  You’ll need to print it on LEGAL SIZE paper –or– you can print it on letter size, you’ll just need to tape it together.   The PDF has an option for each.

Download Block Rockn – Zeppelin
*be sure to actually download the PDF and open with Adobe, it looks a little funky in the browser but displays fine once it’s saved on your computer.

There are so many effects you can have with this block just by changing up the colors.  I’ll definitely be making another one with fading colors.  I would love to see your block if you make one!



Have a blog? Grab a button and share the fun – this is a free series! Code is here.



Get to sewing!  And do yourself a favor, rock out to some Zeppelin while you do it. I can’t help myself, I have to post one more.


embedded by Embedded Video


Bad. Ass. I think I was born a generation too late.





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