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April 30th, 2013

Pressing Table & Pincushion Caddy

by Julie Hirt

First I’d like to apologize for not getting the Block Rock’n Week 5 posted in time.  I think I’ll be switching to every other Friday now that the weather is getting so nice. We just want to be outside!

Here is my not-perfect-but-it-will-have-to-do pincushion.


I had spotted pictures of this pincushion  caddy on Flickr and was drawn to it because of the center storage. I’ve been using my Wonder Clips so much more than pins now, but I still need pins. So this is a great way to store them together and then just grab whichever I prefer.


The bottom is nice and flat and the pincushion itself is fairly large.  You can find the pattern in the book Seams to Me by Anna Marie Horner.


My caddy is SO not perfect and has fabric folds and little things that would normally bug the hell out of me. I think I’m okay with it because I really don’t want to make another one!  Plus, I love each of the fabrics.

If you use the Wonder Clips and pins, you should try this caddy – it’s a perfect solution.


Now the Pressing Table:


I LOVE THIS.  I’ve been doing so much paper piecing and was getting sick of getting up and down, up and down.  Some blocks have 50+ pieces to iron and it was getting to be a hassle.

Remembering a blog post from American Quilting I decided to make one.   So happy I did!  It cost less than $10 (Walmart for the table, I had the other materials) and it took less than 15 minutes to make.


I didn’t use Home Decor weight fabric so I double folded my edges on the underside before stapling. Since the fabric isn’t pulled tightly and I only use it to iron on, I don’t think I’ll have any problems with the staples pulling through.


This just made my sewing station super convenient for paper piecing.  Imagine a trash can next to the pressing table and picture me:  Sew, swivel, iron, swivel, cut, swivel, repeat.

If you make a lot of quilt blocks I seriously recommend this.  I have a large cutting and ironing table, but this is great for those little bits.  It also folds for storing!


See you Friday for Block Rock’n Week 5 :)


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