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June 12th, 2011

Large Canvas Tote

by Julie Hirt

I’m on a roll this weekend!  Found this tutorial from Craft Buds and really wanted to make one. I had some leftover canvas from the chair I re-covered and enough leftover linen from a top to make a tote!

The tutorial was easy to follow and I ended up adding a pocket (with another cute little pocket on top of it) and an interior zipper.   My measurements were different, I had enough fabric to add a few inches to the width, so mine is larger on the horizontal.

Since the interior fabric was linen, I added 3 inches of the canvas to the top of the liner so it would be a little sturdier.  Linen tends to stretch and I didn’t want it all wonky at the top.   Plus, I like how it looks.   All I had to do was sew a few inches of canvas to the top of my linen pieces before measuring and cutting the interior.

I was thisclose to adding an exterior pocket or zipper but now I’m kind of glad I kept it simple on the outside.  My favorite part of this was using up leftover fabric that I had no idea what to do with.  Especially the linen since it was kind of pricey to begin with.

Sewing up the sides and bottom was a little tricky – had to make sure I grabbed the lining with the exterior fabric as it’s sewn.  The overall effect is a sturdy little constructed tote.  We’re heading to Mexico in less than two weeks (YAY) and I think bag this will come along for the ride.


See the zipper on the opposite side of the pockets?  I couldn’t place it in the linen because it would eventually rip out, so I stuck it in the canvas part.  I was nervous because I had ZERO extra canvas if I messed this up and I’m not very familiar with zipper construction.  It’s a 14″ zipper so I love the length and how deep I could make it.  The pocket itself is nestled between the exterior and interior fabrics and lined in white cotton.

The linen pocket. I love it for some reason. I added some canvas to the top and it’s double thick.  I’m hoping this will make it stronger and less likely to stretch out all over the place.   I don’t know what the baby pocket can be used for but I like how it looks!

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