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January 28th, 2013

Carnival Time Quilt Block Pattern

by Julie Hirt

Recently I came across an old quilt block that was originally published in the Kansas City Star. It was titled Carnival Time and had hand drawn pieces.  Let’s just say I got most of it worked out ok, except the center spoke.  There was NO making that thing match up, let alone sew it on. (You can see the original on the last page of the Pattern PDF.

I decided to try and come up with a cleaner version, WITH a seam allowance, and it works pretty well.  For me.  It’s still teensy bit wonky, but that may be because I’m not the greatest block maker. Piecer?

Carnival Time would probably be a great quilt block to paper piece, but… I like it quick and dirty. Paper piecing is just too much time and effort. And, I confess, I still haven’t *quite* got it figured out.



The above PDF includes my version of the pattern (minus that crazily scary center spoke), a bit of block construction info and the original KC Star copy.

The center spoke would be fairly easy to add back in if you just sewed a little color to the corner of the center triangles first.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know!


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