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January 26th, 2013

Baby Boy Quilt

by Julie Hirt

I heart this quilt!  Made for my friend Alyssa, her baby shower is next weekend. I finally used up some of my favorite fabrics that I’ve been hoarding.

Came up with the design myself – at first I just wanted a simple charm look, then decided to add a couple of stars.  Just used a light gray for the background, dark gray for the border and teeny tiny gray polka dot pattern for the backing. This was the last quilt I machine quilted on my old machine (which I’ve kept for the free arm).


grayboyquilt quilting


This little quilt tag is on the back – it’s roughly 4″ x 4″. quilttag


And I went shopping at a local fabric store today and picked up some fun colors for a Carnival quilt block I have in mind.  LOVE these prints together! And they were on sale for $1 each when you bought 10 or more fat quarters. Score!


July 18th, 2010

Big Whimsy

by Julie Hirt

I can’t believe I finished it already!   Yesterday I spent…. oh, I ‘d say about 6 hours finishing up the quilting and it took me about 4 hours to do the hand binding on the back.  I was *determined* to get it in the wash and sleep with it last night.  It was a pretty big job to tackle and finish up but I’m glad I did – I love this quilt.

I used the Whimsy by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda jelly roll and a lot of Kona cotton in white. Each block is roughly 10.5 and it turned out to be a rather large quilt.  It almost covers the entire top of our king size bed.  It’s bound in Whimsy’s Grass Clover Daisy which turned out pretty nice. I originally wanted one of the red fabrics but now I’m glad the fabric store didn’t have one available.

It’s a simple pattern, the blocks are just strips of white/color/white/color/white and turned every other one. I chose so much white because I didn’t want to use patterns butted up against each other.  It gets to be too busy looking for me. You can get almost 2 quilts out of a jelly roll using this method – I have just less than half of them left.  Each strip was cut into 4’s so I got the most mileage for the fabric.   The remaining fabric patterns are more kid friendly so I may make a stripey baby blanket with them.

This is my 3rd quilt and first big one – I think I’ll try to make them larger like this. It’s more work but so much better to wrap up with.

July 17th, 2010

Glimpse of Whimsy

by Julie Hirt

Whew!  This is a big quilt.  I wanted to share a little of what I’ll be working on all weekend.  It measures 72″ x 72″.

I used a Whimsy by Moda jelly roll alternating with Kona white.  I backed the quilt in Kona coal (inspired by Film in the Fridge) with a large strip of what the binding will eventually be.

This is a really big stipple job for my machine – trying to roll half of it into the arm AND be able to move around. I’m doing a large strip vertically and horizontally first, then it will get easier.

Penny Lane refused to be left out of the picture so I added one of Bojangles for good measure.

July 13th, 2010

My 2nd Quilt

by Julie Hirt

All finished!

I used 6 fat quarters and cut them into nine 6×6″ squares.  Each whirligig is 2 patterned squared with 2 white squares – then I trimmed them to 10.5″.  I have a couple of Nicey Jane fabrics in there and I can’t remember what the others were. They’re all from Harper’s. The binding and backing is from Joann’s.

I added a little tab on the back so I could hang it from a hook, make a strip of leftovers along the back as well as a label.  This was my first stipple job and overall I’m really pleased with how it all turned out.

I’ve just picked up a jelly roll – Whimsy by Moda and am trying to figure out what I’m going to make with it!

July 11th, 2010

stipple stipple stipple

by Julie Hirt

I am so excited about my stipple job! I was so afraid to try free motion and even went out to buy a template, neither of the two Joann’s stores I visited had the style I wanted.  So I just went for it and I think I did pretty good!

There are a few mess ups and I did cross lines 3 or 4 times, but I did way better than I thought I would.  Definitely worth saving myself the money to have it quilted.  Plus I ended up enjoying it because it relaxed me.  Took a couple hours but they went fast.

I still need to tack the binding on the back, then I’ll post more info and pics.

Weird thinking that I hadn’t ever really used a sewing machine until a few weeks ago.   This is addicting!  But all of my hobbies are for the first few weeks…  we’ll see if this one holds up.

July 10th, 2010


by Julie Hirt

Here is it, my very first quilt!  Last night I finished sewing up the back of the binding…. by HAND.  Yeah, that took a little longer than anticipated but it turned out pretty good.  It’s been laundered on permanent press and dried on low. I was a little nervous it would fall apart but it’s fine and it’s starting to get that wrinkly quilt feel.

For this quilt I used Moda Makin’ New Friends charm pack sashed with 3.5″ of a gold fabric from my local fabric store, Harper’s.  Since it’s my first quilt and I wasn’t sure if I was going to try free motion quilting I just got my backing and border fabrics from Joann’s.   The backing is a cute little red gingerbread man print.  Thought of doing flannel but wasn’t sure of trying that yet – I’m not so afraid now.

I ended up quilting it the ‘stitch in the ditch’ method because I want to practice the free motion on some scraps first. The measurement’s are 47″ x 55″ so roughly 4′ x 4.5′ which is a pretty good size for a throw blanket.  Overall I’m pretty happy with it!

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