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March 2nd, 2013

Scrappy Trip Around the World – Done!

by Julie Hirt

I am so excited about this quilt!  It’s my favorite in so many ways. The Scrappy Trip Around the World (Scrappy Trip Along) has taken over the online quilt world..  The pattern can be found over at Quiltville.  Has anyone seen the cover for the 20th Anniversary issue of American Patchwork and Quilting? It recently came out and has a pretty scrappy tripper on the front.


This is the first quilt I’ve used ALL scraps – like honest to goodness fabric scraps.  It’s also the first quilt I’ve chosen such a boring backing for. I figured with so much going on in the front it was ok.

Mine turned out pretty big at 6′ x 6′ and I’m glad I went with that size. The blocks are 12″. Originally I was only going to make 25 blocks, making 36 just made it perfectly jumbo sized.


I decided to try petal quilting since the quilt top had the squares as a guide.  After washing, the wrinkly goodness let me know it was the right choice. There are 1296 squares – so that’s 1296 individual petals!  It seemed to take me FOR.EVER to quilt, but I think it’s totally worth it.  Since I was using a solid backing I went with a variegated thread to give it a little something extra. Can you see the blues and pinks?

I just have to say how happy I am with my quilting on this.  The texture makes it so fun.


Those of you with pets know how difficult it can be to get pet-free pictures of anything on the floor. Huey was determined today. But he curls up with these just as much as I do and he’s cute :)


For the binding I went with Kona cotton in turquoise. It’s my favorite color so that just added to my quilt love. Now I wish I had made it king sized!


How did your Scrappy Trip Quilt turn out?  Has anyone tried jelly rolls?  I will definitely be making another one of these sometime!


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