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July 21st, 2010

KU Afghan

by Julie Hirt

I made this for my brother and started it back in February.  He asked me to make him an afghan when I started crocheting. I only had a few hours left to go when I got tired of working on it. So  I decided to finally finish it up this past week. I used a larger needle and 2 threads of yarn so it’s a thick, tight, blanket. The yarn definitely won’t snag.

I made up my own pattern:
106 sc across
each color block is 32 rows of sc
the ends are 6 rows of sc, 2 rows of the bubble, 6 rows of sc

On the edging I did 2 rows of this bubble pattern.

It ended up roughly 4′ x 6′.   It’s my first crochet blanket and possibly my last. Felt like it took FOREVER.

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