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July 8th, 2010

It’s Sew Rad!

by Julie Hirt

Told you I’m always going through phases.  I’ve turned over a new leaf…..  quilting!    Well, I am attempting to quilt.

These are my first sewing projects. Ever.  I’m honestly pretty pleased that I’ve taught myself this much.  YouTube videos have helped me a LOT and the Missouri Quilt Co videos are the best.  I think I’ve learned more online than I would taking any class.

Not mine but the same model. Mine is built into a table which is nice.

After deciding it was absolutely critical that I attempt to make a quilt, I purchased a sewing machine off Craigslist – Necchi with a built in table for $30.   For some reason I can’t get the tension quite right on it.   Not really worth paying to have it looked at so I got a steal of a deal on ebay for a computerized Brother.  I think (hope) it’s still a basic machine but it tells you which feet to use when changing stitches.  I’m sold!  It will also work as a quilting machine because of some of the features like drop feet and wide accessory table.  That should be here any day now.  Until then I’ve been using a borrowed machine.

Machine that’s on the UPS truck!

First project was a little test quilt. I just cut up a couple of fat quarters for a mini patchwork, quilted and binded it.  I’ve already learned a few things just with that project – like how NOT to make mitered corners, etc.  Glad I practiced first.  Now my mini-quilt makes a perfect snuggle pad for Penny Lane.  I’ll post some pics soon.

So my current project (first attempt at a quilt)  is a Christmas theme.   I’m not a big fan of the fabric but I was impatient and went with the Moda Makin’ New Friends charm pack that was available at a local fabric store.  I have ordered more fabrics online; Moda’s Make Life charm pack and some Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey fabrics.  Picking out fabric will probably going to be the most enjoyable (and indecisive) part for me.  I know I want to try a pinwheel design with the Nicey Jane’s and possibly a coin design for the Make Life packs.  The latter will be a gift for Tori or Lizzie and I’ll need to hunt for more perfect fabrics to make a quilt for the other.

I am surprised at how fast it’s going for me using the charm packs.  I’m sashing them with a gold-ish material cut into 3.5″ strips.  I’ve already pieced most of the front together and after work I’m going to look for backing and get some batting, probably a cotton or cotton blend.  I’ve also decided to baste the front and back together before quilting rather than pinning.  Just from what I’ve seen online it looks like the best way to avoid wrinkles and movement.   On my test piece I quilted straight lines – kind of like ‘stitch in the ditch’ but the opposite.  A straight line down each side of the seams (thank you Flickr for that idea – you can get some wonderful ideas there!).   I’d really like to try free motion quilting but I want to practice before attempting on this Christmas quilt.

I’ll get some photos loaded soon!

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