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July 29th, 2010


by Julie Hirt

My iPhone 4 finally arrived yesterday after what seemed like eternity (12 days).   I’m happy to say this site actually looks really decent on the browser and works well with the PULSE app.  That app is awesome -I’m going to add all my favorite blog feeds and I already have a bunch of news sites added.

Crafty news:  I made a little dress for my niece this week.  It’s the Little Mademoiselle pattern from ManiMina’s shop.   Since I did fairly well, and even added an additional color splash along the bottom and buttons, I also made her a little shirt and skirt.  No pattern on that – just from eyeballing things I’ve seen on flickr and etsy.

A picture I took of Bojangles using the Hipstamatic app for iPhone.
I love the different lenses and film options.

I’m heading to the lake for the weekend – will upload some photos of the outfits and progress on the Make Life quilt when I can.

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