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August 6th, 2010

Here she is….

by Julie Hirt

Finally getting around to uploading pics of the dress I made my niece – sorry for the photos, she was running around like crazy and had NO intention of posing.

The dress is a pattern I purchased on Etsy from ManiMina’s shop. That was fun to make and I altered it by adding a band of color around the bottom and the little buttons on front.

Here are pics of the skirt and little tie shirt I made for her as well.   I didn’t use a pattern for the shirt or skirt – just went off pictures online and average 2T measurements.  The skirt was super easy (seriously – just took half a yard, hemmed the bottom and sewed up the sides.  Made a 1″ hem tube along the top and ran elastic through it) and I can think of tons of ways to change it.   You can make it reversible, add pockets, contrasting ties, patchwork, stripes, etc…  The shirt was actually really easy as well.  I think I made both in about an hour or so.

For some reason the picture of her standing makes the dress look super long, I think it’s the angle. It does hit her just below the knees and should be good for next year.  She’s almost two and pretty small for her age – 2T is still rather big for her.

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