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August 22nd, 2010

Cluster Bag

by Julie Hirt

I didn’t really feel like sewing much this week but I did work on this.  Just wanted to crochet something quick and not get started on a big project.

I was inspired by A Pensive Adagio‘s pink tote.  The pattern can be found here.

To be honest I had some problems with it. I made the first round of clusters incorrect because the how-to isn’t at the beginning (it was a whole sentence down. How dare they!). Unfortunately I’m not one to read ahead – I just jump in.  This time I jumped in the wrong way. Luckily it wasn’t that much to pull out.  Then I ended up with 44 clusters rather than 40…  and for the handle I made a little adjustment.  Other than my own mistakes which made the pattern more difficult, I think it’s a good project.  I’d like to double the size next time and maybe work in a different type of handle. I’m not sure how much weight these will hold but it certainly looks cute.

It’s not something I’ll carry it around, I just enjoy making things so I’ll probably give it to my niece or one of the girls.   The flowers I added are pretty simple:  Chain 2 and join. 10 sc in the loop.  In the first sc you will *sc, 2 dc and ss. ss in the next sc.  Repeat 4 times from *.  You’ll end up with 5 petals.  The red flower I had 12 sc’s in the loop and ended up with 6 petals.

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