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August 30th, 2010

Quilt for Dad

by Julie Hirt

Finished this up yesterday!   I wanted more classic colors for my Dad’s quilt and found Holly Taylor Classics for Moda in a layer cake.  My Dad loves fishing and lives on a lake so these fabrics were perfect.  It took me a while to decide which design to make… I wanted it kind of manly so went with this pattern.

First I went through and paired up each dark fabric with a lighter fabric. Using a tip I saw by Missouri Star Quilt Co for Fast & Easy Pinwheels I put them right side together and sewed around all edges. Then I cut from corner to corner and ended up with a light triangle and dark triangle sewn together.  After they were all done it was just placing them in the design I wanted.

Since I’m a little crazy I had also divided the stacks in red, blue, green and black – then after they were cut I put the 4 cuts into stacks.  So each 1/4 of the quilt has the exact same fabrics and I knew the colors would be more evenly spaced out.  You can actually see 5 of each color block if you divide the quilt along the middle and across.

There is a 3″ border and the binding is in a black design.  I didn’t feel like doing the stipple style of quilting for these so I ‘stitched in the ditch’ around the diamonds.  This turned out roughly 56″ x 66″ if I remember correctly.

The quilts for Tori & Liz are still in progress – I have to work on those when they aren’t around.

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