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February 6th, 2013

Waldorf Star Variations

by Julie Hirt

For the holidays I went a *little* crazy with paper stars.  I made some Waldorf Window stars, German paper stars and even some fabric versions and a bunting.

Here are a few versions of the Waldorf stars that really brightened up our windows. After you understand the initial concept (see my original post) it’s so fun to play around with color and shapes.


The ONLY supplies you need is the colored kite paper, some type of glue (I like rubber cement) and your fingers :)


Now that I’m seeing these again I want to make more and put some up. Are they ok to have up year ’round?


They easily adhered to the windows with a little rubber cement. When you take them down the rubber wipes off like a breeze. I am storing them in a round hat box for safe keeping.


The wax dipped German 3D stars and fabric stars are a completely different style and I’ll do a separate blog on those tomorrow.  They are all SO addicting and fun!


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