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Florida & the Vintage Sheet Beach Blanket | 627handworks
February 2nd, 2013

Florida & the Vintage Sheet Beach Blanket

by Julie Hirt

Last summer we spent a gorgeous week in SW Florida.  I really wanted a nice beach blanket for us to lay our towels and bags on without them getting all sandy. Sorry, but laying towels in the sand just doesn’t work for me! Having just purchased a bunch of vintage sheets I decided to cut some up and and back it with an old cotton matelasse coverlet.  I hand tied it on all the corners of the blocks for a more vintage feel.


Fortunately I caught a few images of beach blanket with our vacation pics.  We used it every day and it was easy to pack up and carry around with two sewn in, wrap around velcro straps.


The house we stayed in had a gorgeous quilt that had an awesome crochet border.  I totally forgot about that!  I’m going to try to figure out how to do it on a baby blanket. I hogged this to myself every evening!  Does anyone know how to add crochet to a blanket?  I remember it did not have a regular binding and was hand quilted. Almost like the crochet edging came out from the layers, although I know it was done after it sewed together. (it wasn’t sandwiched in)


Every morning Paul and I were a lucky, lucky couple and wake up to THIS.  Ahh… I wanna go back. It’s miserably cold here right now.  Beautiful room and pretty sunrises every morning. I actually woke up early to see them (I’m typically a late sleeper) and had my coffee on the beach.

beach house



I’ll leave you with a few more warm memories. I think I need to get busy on planning this years trip and do some wishful thinking!





Oh…. see this right here?  On low tide we planted an umbrella super deep and all day we floated around it!  We stayed in a small town and had the beach to ourselves, so it was nice and quiet. Just what a vacation should be.





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3 Responses to “Florida & the Vintage Sheet Beach Blanket”

  1. I can’t wait to cut into my vintage sheet collection. Your quilt is wonderful!

  2. The border of that quilt was (I’m almost 100% sure) hem stitched, and then you can crochet in the little holes the hem stitching leaves. If you live near a quilt shop, thy probably have flannel baby blankets available that are already hem stitched and you buy the package and a skein of crochet thread and you can add a border. They can also help you find someone who can hem stitch a quilt for you. Good luck!

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