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June 23rd, 2013

Block Rock’n Week 8 – Garfunkel

by Julie Hirt

Are you having a good weekend? I am – our deck is almost done!  Thank goodness.

Now onto the good stuff… here is the Garfunkel block.



There is a variation to this block. You can make the center hexagon solid or like this:


The template has the optional area marked.  If you choose to make the first variation be sure your fabric covers the entire center piece (both 8 and 8b).

I looove Paul Simon!  As soon as I made this block the name Garfunkel just fit.   My musical tastes are all over the board.  Maybe it’s because I grew up listening to their music that makes me love them so much?

Couple of my favorites.

embedded by Embedded Video

This one is just Paul Simon… close enough :)

embedded by Embedded Video


Download Block Rockn – Garfunkel

Hope you enjoy this one.   I’ll be posting a picture of the block I made shortly!

If you make this block I’d love to see it:


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Edited 6/25/13 to add a photo of the block I made



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