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September 4th, 2013

Quilting App + Winner & Linky

by Julie Hirt

So excited to announce…

Quilt Bee App


I’ve been working on this for a few months and it’s finally released!   For now it’s only available on Apple Devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

It really is just a simple organizer to keep track of things like:


  • sewing projects
  • quilting clubs
  • quilting bees
  • fabrics
  • works in progress
  • want-to-make ideas


Quilt Bee App
Just add a “New Bee” for each project you’d like to track.

It’s really perfect for holiday sewing organization.  Say you’d like to make quilted pouches for 4 different people. Add the project and your recipients within. Take pictures of the fabrics you’d like to use for each person so you can easily remember who gets what.


photo 1(1)


When you join a new Quilting Bee or Swap add it to the list.  Include individual recipients along with notes, websites, patterns and an image for each person.


photo 2


Recipients names change color depending on the status.  You know you’re done when everyone is “green”.  Perhaps green with envy because of your mad sewing skills?


photo 4

It was pretty exciting for me to see my little bee icon!

Quilt Bee App


Go get your very own cute little icon and organize those brilliant sewing ideas and projects!




The screenshots were taken from my phone and I’ve already added a lot more stuff.  Thanks Pinterest for giving me too many ideas. :\



The winner of Sunday Funday Giveaway week 4 is…  Anna Streight!  

Congrats!  I’ll be sending you an email shortly :)

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To shorten this up I’m going to get right to the linky party. Show me what you got!




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