September 1st, 2013

Sunday Funday Giveaway #4

by Julie Hirt

Welcome to week 4 and Happy Labor Day weekend to those of you Stateside!



This weeks goodies include an awesome Aurifil box featuring the Simply Color by V and Co colorway.  Inside are 10 spools of 28 wt cotton threads in a beautiful collection of colors!

Alice from Fresh Modern Fabric has provided a matching Charm Pack to match the thread.  I love this cheerful collection of fabrics!

I just visited the Fresh Modern Fabric shop and am drooling over the Lush Uptown collection.  Paint by color birds and deer?  Heck, yeah it’s on my list to buy.

Half Yard Bundle Lush Uptown Paint by Number Birds, 3 Pieces, Erin Michael, Moda Fabrics, 100% Cotton Fabric, 26026


This Sunday is truly a Funday with this line up of giveaways!  Check ’em out:






a Rafflecopter giveaway

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105 Comments to “Sunday Funday Giveaway #4”

  1. Back in time definitely, many loved ones are there.

  2. Hi Julie, this is a great idea, thanks for the chance to win :)

  3. I would go BACK into time in a heart beat!!

  4. Definitely back to a simpler time.

  5. Definitely back in time… I think the Future is going to be a scary place. :(

  6. Most deff back in time! I would give anything to see my mom just one more time! Thank you for the chance to win a wonderful giveaway!!!!

  7. I’d love to go back in time.

  8. I think I would like to go back in time.

  9. Back in time …

  10. Back in time.

  11. Though there are so many things it would be fun to visit in the past, I’m a forever frustrated planner, so I think I’d have to take a little trip into the future to get a glimpse of what’s going to happen, so I can make better decisions to prep for it. See, told you I’m a crazy planner.

  12. I’d definitely go back into the past to 1972! I have a huge regret that bothers me and it hits every single Christmas morning. (just typing that while thinking about it brings tears to my eyes)!! I’d love to go back and visit with my Grandmother to tell her how sorry I am for not seeing her on Christmas Eve with the rest of the family at the nursing home. I’d injured my ankle at school that day so I stayed home knowing she was being allowed a day pass to be with us for Christmas day. Had I the capability to see into the future that night, I would have gone because I woke Christmas morning excited to go pick her up and spend the day with her at our house only to learn she had died in the early hours of Christmas morning. Every single year this is one of the first things I think of when I get up on Christmas morning.

  13. Go back in time and meet Monet, Manet and Van Gogh.

  14. I would like to go into the future by say 100 years to see how well humanity did.

  15. Oh shoot! This is a hard question! Since I already know what happened in the past, I’d probably want to take a glimpse into the future. I’d love to see how I’m going to turn out! hahaha

  16. Back in time. Definitely. I don’t want to ruin the surprises yet to come, and I could sure go for a slice of my grandmothers pie, or one of her cakes! And a hug.

  17. I am definitely curious about the future! When will we start space travel and who’s out there and where will we live? We watch a lot of Star Trek, haha.

  18. I would like to go back in time, to some points in my past to spend time with loved ones who have died. It would be wonderful to spend a day shopping and having lunch with my mom!

  19. I would love to go back in time and see the simplicity of life. I don’t know if i could handle the future lol. Thanks for this opportunity!

  20. Neither. I am content in the present. :-)

  21. Hmmm…. either one scares me silly! I would be too tempted to change the past – which all the Sci-Fi movies clearly tell you is a really, really bad thing to do; and I’m not sure I want to know the future. But if I had to choose, I’d choose seeing the future. I’ve already seen the past :*)

  22. I would like to go back in time, for a day or two, but not too far as I still like modern conveniences.

  23. I would like to see a glimpse of the future just to see how different things will be, but would prefer to stay where I am.

  24. Back in time! Need some lotto tickets, maybe some stock options… and then I could be buying more fabric and could afford my hobby… LOL!

  25. I would only like to go back in time if I could redo or do some things differently based on what I know now. Sometimes I think I would like to see into the future, but if I see what is in the future and I think I can go back and change what that future time would be like, I wouldn’t know how my changes would affect the future or anything else, so I guess I am really saying I prefer the here and now.

  26. Thank you Julie for another chance to win. Have a great holiday.

  27. Hi, I’d like to go back to pioneer days,early settling of our country!
    Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Linda

  28. I’d go back in time for sure!! Would love to go back the the Lil’ House on the Prairie days!! The long cotton dresses, baking, sewin’ quilts, etc….

  29. I would go into the future and see what my kids are up to. I want to know who they will become.

  30. What a fun question! I definitely like to go back to the 1920’s and 30’s. Ever since I read Fitzgerald and Hemingway I’ve been fascinated by that era. Thanks so much for the fun giveaway too. I’m lusting after Lush too.

  31. I’d love to visit back in time to spend more time with my grandparents. They passed away when I was very young.

  32. Back in time for sure!!

  33. I just inadvertently commented in the filed above with my answer instead of my email. HA!

    I would go back in time, I’ve always felt I belonged there anyway.

  34. Back to the future!

  35. Hi! I would like to go back in time. Thank you for the chance to win.

  36. Back in time for sure. Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. I would go back in time to see loved ones and try to do some things differently.

  38. Neither. I like it exactly where I am :)

  39. Not sure what I would choose, if I went back in time I could tell family members to keep better records so I don’t have to do so much digging to create a family tree but the future would be fun too just to see what has become of everything good or bad. But I also do like where I am now so it would be hard to choose. thanks for a chance.

  40. lets go to the future – it would be great to have something to look forward to.

  41. I want to go back in time and see a Saturn V rocket blast off. I think that would be amazing.

  42. Back in time for sure!
    I have always liked items from teh 30’s so it would be cool to have to actually use them:)

  43. I don’t want to do either, really. I don’t want the future spoiled and I don’t want to spoil the future for others either. I think I’d go back, not too far though. The further back you go the more likely you are to do something out of place.

  44. I would love to go back in time & do a few things differently! LOL

  45. I think going back in time would scare me, especially since I may mess some good things up, so I’d love to go ahead in time a few years and see what I’m doing after college.

  46. Hi, I would really like to go in the future and see my grandchildren grown!

  47. i would rather revisit the past.

  48. I’d go back in time just a few years, to see my Dad again.

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