October 24th, 2016

Gypsy Wife Quilt

by Julie Hirt

I had to look back to see exactly when I started this quilt. It was over two years ago!   I am beyond thrilled to finally be finished.

This past June my family visited Treasure Island, Florida.  This quilt came along for the ride.


I *love* it!  Making the quilt top wasn’t a smooth process for me, but I’m happy I stuck with it.  Fabrics are from my scraps and I only had to cut into my stash for some of the large strips.


The longarm quilting pattern is my Rolling Hills Echo pattern.  I’d be happy to quilt something of yours using it 😉


Quilt pattern is Gypsy Wife by Jen Kingwell.


This trip is when I found my love for thread wax. What a difference it makes!  No knots, smoother stitches – so worth it.

Here are some non-quilt pics of the trip.


We took a deep sea fishing charter.  To spare the horrific details I’ll just say I’m the only one of the four of us with sea legs.


We rented a fantastic house and the dogs loved spending time on the upper deck.  They could see all the action!  (Yes, I try to take my dogs on most vacations.)




Elizabeth & Huey


Paul caught quite a few jack fish (I think that’s what they are) surf fishing. We had a terrific time and I’ll be sure to share pics of my selvage quilt soon.


August 28th, 2016

Designer Bullying? [*updated]

by Julie Hirt


I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here.   Lilly Ella has changed her blog post and I feel I need to respond. My original blog post is below with the original update (private messages exchanged).

1 – Lilly is stating I didn’t message her. I did. At the same time I posted my initial image that a pattern exists. See private message screenshots below.

2 – I changed my wording on my initial post per her instructions. See private message screenshots below.

3 – Lilly states she removed the Instagram post (the one stating hexie tiles is an existing pattern) per or agreement. Not accurate.  I asked her to post it and then I would delete mine.  You can see in our private messages that was the agreement. I’m assuming she deleted that post because it was mean and nasty. Unfortunately I do not have a screenshot to share.

4 – Lilly’s updated blog post states our patterns are different.  She uses a template vs mine is paper piecing. I agree, I would love to compare!  I commented on her blog yesterday. It was not approved and my question was not answered.  (Hi, it’s Julie. THE Julie. Quick question – does your template [not paper pieced, correct? looking at #5] have Y seams or  not? I’m a bit confused. Thank you.)

Lilly’s Instagram photo clearly shows it IS indeed paper pieced, not a template. AND it’s in two halves – exactly like my pattern.

If she is still open to seeing my pattern – how would she know if mine involves Y seams or not?





5 – Can we move on?



Wow. Never thought I’d find myself here.

Last year I saw a lot of Art Deco style tiles floating around Instagram and thought WOW – what a great pattern.  That’s where #hexietiles came into play.  (original post here —- FREE pattern here)

Earlier this evening I was alerted that Lilly Ella’s World was using the pattern (cool!) and stating she would be releasing it soon (not cool!).

I posted a quick response on Instagram out of anger and privately messaged her.  I’m usually low drama and not into confrontation, but I was thrown off.  I also don’t think my post was that bad:



Here is the original pattern mock up listed online and in Craftsy:



She stated she had never seen the pattern before and it was her own creation.  Whatever, it’s an easy pattern to recreate and design. Anyone can think of these things. So I re-worded my initial post and tried to play fair.

She messaged me stating I was defaming her, etc.  Then I started getting hate messages and I was like, HOLD UP.

So I did a little researching.   She had seen a version of MY pattern (one of the various layouts with this pattern) before back in December.  On Instagram, and had liked it.


insta stashfabrics


This is no longer a coincidence.

I didn’t care if she gave me credit (once again, simple pattern), my issue is that she was going to release it as her own.  Plain and simple.

She asked me to remove her picture and I said I would as soon as she posted the pattern isn’t original to her. She posted (hateful as it may be *) and I deleted mine like I agreed to.

* which has since been deleted. which wasn’t our agreement

Now, I believe she is ‘defaming’ me with this blog post. I mean, seriously?  Does it EVER end?

It’s quilting people. I had the pattern on sale for $1. Now it’s FREE! (If you recently purchased I’m more than happy to refund you, just message me). Now go get some fabric and make some hexie tiles!

She has 10k+ followers and can cry bullying, when in fact it is the other way around.  I’m just here for the fabric.

Love and stitching!


PS.  The moment I posted my original image (above) I was messaged by several people claiming this isn’t her first go ’round with issues like this.  THAT makes me sad.




Thank you for your support, it is appreciated. I’ve also been told by several people that I’ve done damage and I should have taken the high road.  I can see that side, but when are we supposed to stick up for ourselves?

Anyway, to be transparent, here’s what happened behind closed doors.

1 2 3 4 5 6

WELL.  I feel I did everything I was asked and she *still* didn’t leave up a post that the pattern exists.  Oh well, I have fabrics to quilt!

August 22nd, 2016

Longarm Patterns – Now Available for Sale!

by Julie Hirt

Hey all!

I’ve been lacking in posts but that’s because I’m keeping BUSY!  So, it’s a good thing. I have lots of quilts I need to post and one of those is my finished Gypsy Wife quilt.  So happy with it and can’t wait to share it in the near future.

Back in April I was lucky enough to turn over a new leaf.  After working there for 16 years, I left my position with a real estate company and started long arming full time.  One of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Because I love playing around in Illustrator, designing some of my own patterns came naturally.  Here are just a few I have available for sale in my ETSY shop.










And this is one of my favorites – depending on how you place the rows, you get two patterns in one!





Check them out if you are a long armer.  And if you need anything quilted, I have all the information at JulieHirt.com



April 21st, 2016

Bernie Sanders Mini Quilt

by Julie Hirt

Came up with this while playing around with my longarm software.  I used Illustrator to draw the lines for the hair and glasses, then imported into Art & Stitch to turn it into a quilting pattern.


I’m loving the combination of Illustrator with Art & Stitch and have made several modern style E2E designs that I hope to have for sale shortly.


If you happen to be a Bernie fan (or want to make a mini for someone who is) and have a computerized long arm, the free pattern is available at JulieHirt.com under about > downloads. The pattern is the hair and glasses, but if you have the Art & Stitch software you can easily add some text!


Tag me here or on Instagram @juliehirt if you make one.  I used baby blue Kona cotton, Omni Superior thread and Prismacolor pencils.





March 24th, 2016

Longarm Services – March Special

by Julie Hirt

Did you know I now provide longarm quilting services at JulieHirt.com?  It’s pretty exciting!

I’m offering 20% off this pattern through March to kick off Spring.  The ‘Fluent’ pattern stitches up beautifully and provides wonderful texture.


You know the saying, ‘March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb’.  Well, this pattern reminds me of wind and flowers so I thought it was fitting.

I’m excited to share the pattern special for April, so be sure to check back in!  I’ll also be hosting giveaways here, on Facebook and Instagram (username @juliehirt) in the upcoming weeks.

Pricing, FAQ and more patterns available at JulieHirt.com. Mail services are available.

To use: When you fill out the request form at JulieHirt.com use March20 as the coupon code.  The pattern style is called Fluent.


February 11th, 2016

Honey Honey Quilt

by Julie Hirt

Honey Honey 627handworks (4)

This HST quilt was made using Kate Spain’s Honey Honey line.

Honey Honey 627handworks (2)

I intended for this quilt to be larger and actually purchased a couple of extra charm packs.  I just couldn’t bring myself to keep making the HST blocks!  I was done.

Honey Honey 627handworks (3)

I just love the colors in this.    The quilting was done on my longarm.

Honey Honey 627handworks (1)

This quilt is for sale in my Etsy shop!


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