August 28th, 2016

Designer Bullying? [*updated]

by Julie Hirt


I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here.   Lilly Ella has changed her blog post and I feel I need to respond. My original blog post is below with the original update (private messages exchanged).

1 – Lilly is stating I didn’t message her. I did. At the same time I posted my initial image that a pattern exists. See private message screenshots below.

2 – I changed my wording on my initial post per her instructions. See private message screenshots below.

3 – Lilly states she removed the Instagram post (the one stating hexie tiles is an existing pattern) per or agreement. Not accurate.  I asked her to post it and then I would delete mine.  You can see in our private messages that was the agreement. I’m assuming she deleted that post because it was mean and nasty. Unfortunately I do not have a screenshot to share.

4 – Lilly’s updated blog post states our patterns are different.  She uses a template vs mine is paper piecing. I agree, I would love to compare!  I commented on her blog yesterday. It was not approved and my question was not answered.  (Hi, it’s Julie. THE Julie. Quick question – does your template [not paper pieced, correct? looking at #5] have Y seams or  not? I’m a bit confused. Thank you.)

Lilly’s Instagram photo clearly shows it IS indeed paper pieced, not a template. AND it’s in two halves – exactly like my pattern.

If she is still open to seeing my pattern – how would she know if mine involves Y seams or not?





5 – Can we move on?



Wow. Never thought I’d find myself here.

Last year I saw a lot of Art Deco style tiles floating around Instagram and thought WOW – what a great pattern.  That’s where #hexietiles came into play.  (original post here —- FREE pattern here)

Earlier this evening I was alerted that Lilly Ella’s World was using the pattern (cool!) and stating she would be releasing it soon (not cool!).

I posted a quick response on Instagram out of anger and privately messaged her.  I’m usually low drama and not into confrontation, but I was thrown off.  I also don’t think my post was that bad:



Here is the original pattern mock up listed online and in Craftsy:



She stated she had never seen the pattern before and it was her own creation.  Whatever, it’s an easy pattern to recreate and design. Anyone can think of these things. So I re-worded my initial post and tried to play fair.

She messaged me stating I was defaming her, etc.  Then I started getting hate messages and I was like, HOLD UP.

So I did a little researching.   She had seen a version of MY pattern (one of the various layouts with this pattern) before back in December.  On Instagram, and had liked it.


insta stashfabrics


This is no longer a coincidence.

I didn’t care if she gave me credit (once again, simple pattern), my issue is that she was going to release it as her own.  Plain and simple.

She asked me to remove her picture and I said I would as soon as she posted the pattern isn’t original to her. She posted (hateful as it may be *) and I deleted mine like I agreed to.

* which has since been deleted. which wasn’t our agreement

Now, I believe she is ‘defaming’ me with this blog post. I mean, seriously?  Does it EVER end?

It’s quilting people. I had the pattern on sale for $1. Now it’s FREE! (If you recently purchased I’m more than happy to refund you, just message me). Now go get some fabric and make some hexie tiles!

She has 10k+ followers and can cry bullying, when in fact it is the other way around.  I’m just here for the fabric.

Love and stitching!


PS.  The moment I posted my original image (above) I was messaged by several people claiming this isn’t her first go ’round with issues like this.  THAT makes me sad.




Thank you for your support, it is appreciated. I’ve also been told by several people that I’ve done damage and I should have taken the high road.  I can see that side, but when are we supposed to stick up for ourselves?

Anyway, to be transparent, here’s what happened behind closed doors.

1 2 3 4 5 6

WELL.  I feel I did everything I was asked and she *still* didn’t leave up a post that the pattern exists.  Oh well, I have fabrics to quilt!

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25 Comments to “Designer Bullying? [*updated]”

  1. Julie, I am truly sorry that your having to experience this, I was only saying to a friend this morning that the warm and connected feeling once felt in the quilting community is slowly diminishing, I truly do hope that its not the case but it sadly seems to be a very negative element creeping in. On a positive note I love your patterns and have made a few, and am going to go and have a look at the Hexietile, probably never looked before as I am a hexiephobe hahahhahaaha Just know your not alone that many stand with you, myself included :)

  2. Sorry this had to happen to you…

  3. So sorry this has happened to you. As you say simpler patterns are easily created and it is so unlikely that someone before you hasn’t already ‘discovered them’. Just look at the Greek and Roman mosaic tiles that have been uncovered.

    Where this is so wrong is in lying about never having seen your design. She clearly didn’t bother to check her own sources when you raised the issue.

    I hope that you feel supported by those who enjoy your designs and abhor bullying (yes, it is you that is the victim here).
    Take care and keep sewing and designing…

  4. Shaking my head…. So sorry you had to deal with the clicky cluckers. Just so petty and easy to jump the gun.

  5. Feeling for you Julie. Some people act as if it’s their right to steal your intellectual property, but to add insult to that is the total disregard for integrity. I abhor lying. OK, if she had said your design inspired hers you could have probably reached a compromise, but to totally deny any knowledge and be caught out is offensive +. Then to do an about face and put the onus of bullying/harassment on you actually speaks louder than words. You have quality followers and I know they will see this for what it really is. Take care.

  6. It’s absolutely awful what you’re experiencing, first having someone say they’re releasing your pattern and then, when you call them on it, being bullied. AWFUL and WRONG. I’m so sorry.

  7. Julie, I’m really glad I read your blog this morning. I’d seen the IG feed about you ‘bullying’ and was surprised and disconcerted. I’ve unfollowed that IG account, who needs that kind of negativity in their life when they are just looking for pretty quilt pictures! Hope this all settles down for you soon.

  8. That sucks! What else can you expect from someone name “Lilly Ella”???!

  9. Teresa says it very well. Hope Nicole comes to understand her harm to you and all the quilt designers. And herself.

  10. So sorry you are having this experience. It is unsettling, and unfortunately, seems to be increasingly common to be on the receiving end of “clicky cluckers” as Ramona so aptly dubbed them. Stay focused on moving forward as a person of integrity, the cluckers will soon move on to a fresh target – oops I meant topic 😉 Peace be with you when others are less than peaceful!

  11. Wow that is some serious pile high and deeper there. Glad you posted the whole convo. It’s important for people to know you just don’t get to say whatever you want with impunity.

    Good for you Julie!

  12. I honestly would not have seen the link between the two patterns. It is amazing the effect of colors, color value, and fabric placement! I would like to give the benefit of the doubt and believe it was an honest mistake. But how we handle it there after is what defines us! Read TartanKiwi’s blog about it, if you haven’t already…. She describes it well-

    I am glad you tagged me in the original post! I really am interested in the pattern and how Lilly Ella used the beautiful Rifle Co fabric! Thanks for putting the pattern out there!!

  13. Doh! That may have come out wrong… I meant the err was on her. I didnt think she handled it well…. Saying oops would have been adequate. (P.s. Not sure why I was listed as anomous… @ibtreerock)

  14. Some people think they can get away with anything. Don’t let it get you down. Love your patterns. I don’t follow her but I did post on her site that its not her pattern

  15. Bless your heart! I’m so sorry you had to go through that. Your patterns are beautiful and your quilting is magnificent. I can only hope that all of the ‘publicity’ will draw more and more customers to your longarm business! I love it when good things come from bad.

  16. Sorry this happened. Glad you stuck up for yourself. Mistakes can happen, but then an apology is in order. Not a nasty backlash.

  17. I am so sorry that happened to you, I am a big fan of your blog. I have spent some time being a moderator online and I know this type of, well what to call it? Bullying, theft, just plain horrible, sneaky behaviour. I also know how frustrating and just plain depressing dealing with people like this character is. Don’t doubt yourself. Way to go for finding her ‘like’, that’s a great piece of detective work right there. You were quite right to stand up for yourself, it is very clear what happened here and you haven’t acted with anything other than grace and dignity. You cannot defame someone with the truth. I will make your hexie tiles pattern as my next project, and credit you! Don’t give this virtual bullying another thought and thank you for the great kindness and value you add to the quilting community. My very best wishes, Joanna. XXX

  18. Julie,

    You were right to stand up for yourself. The question now becomes do you want to take legal action? Copyright theft should never be treated lightly. It damages businesses and hurts families.

    If you plan on publishing more patterns, it might be wise to acquire a good copyright lawyer. You need to protect your intellectual property and I fully approve of your speaking up!

  19. Man it really grinds my gears how she acts all high and mighty and as though just because she created the pattern with her own hands that makes it okay to ignore the fact that the pattern already existed! If she had done even a basic image search she’d have known that and could have adjusted her pattern or contacted you directly. And then she makes you sound like a jerk for calling her out on that. She has egg on her face and instead of cleaning it up and trying to make nice she is throwing poo at you so you look worse than her in all this. Again, I’m sorry this is happening to you! I think I saw a sew along happening on IG? I will join along for a few blocks to hopefully direct some positive attention your way.

  20. Hi Julie: Just wanted to send you some support. I have been following you for a few years now and love your work and free patterns. When others say you should take the high road, they mean well, but may be misinformed when it comes to intellectual property rights. We must advocate for ourselves and our creations. Standing firmly behind you.

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