May 8th, 2011

Make Life Quilts

by Julie Hirt

Oh jeeze, finally!  After we got moved back in the house it took me a while to get back into these.  Tori and Lizzie’s birthdays are next week so that gave me the motivation.  I had Tori’s quilt top finished and the majority of Lizzie’s done, but still had quite a bit left with backing, stippling and binding.

These were made from Make Life by Sweetwater for Moda. I used a couple of charm packs and some yardage from the line for the back and binding.  I think the white paisley print is my favorite – wish I had used it for backing rather than binding.

Designs were fairly simple and turned out to be around 49″ x 60″ each. I needed them to be roughly the same size but different enough so the girls didn’t think they were too similar. Tori and Liz are at the age (going to be 11 and 12) where they don’t want  anything their sister has, but I wanted them both to have this fabric!  What to do? I attempted a pinwheel style for Tori and  a simple 9 patch cut up and sewn back together (no clue what it’s called) for Liz.  I accented them with their favorite colors – that’s why the green and blue. After this experience, I know I will NEVER try to make a pinwheel quilt. Never.  No way can I get all my points to match up and it was entirely too frustrating for me.

Tags – finally found a way to label my quilts in a manner that is quick and still looks good.  Spoonflower!  Just design some generic labels so you can fill in the blanks later, a simple logo or create a bunch of custom labels.  When it’s all said and done you can fit several on one fat quarter – so it’s very inexpensive per label.  I printed on the heavier canvas but I think for future labels I’ll be using the quilting weight fabric.  The reason I didn’t use the lighter weight to start with was because I had some space leftover on something else I was having printed, so I threw a few quilt labels on there.



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