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July 2nd, 2013

HST Quilted Throw Pillow

by Julie Hirt

The fabric to this pillow has kind of a bittersweet story behind it.


My stepdaughter’s Nana passed away a few years ago.  Sadly, their grandfather passed away last summer.  They were the parents of my husband’s first wife and both died at a young age.   Tori & Liz (my stepdaughters) were close with both of them and we actually lived down the street from their grandfather.

The girls mother recently sold her parents house.  When going through her mother’s sewing supplies she gave me all of the fabrics she found.   I was sorting through some of it a few days ago and came across a group of partially finished half square triangles.

I have no idea what she was making with them, it’s not enough fabric for a quilt and the cream fabric is actually a canvas.

Most of her sewing was clothing for the girls when they were younger, so a lot of it is knits and fabrics I can’t use for quilting.  Finding these HST pieces I thought Tori & Liz would like seeing something from their Nana’s fabrics around the house.


It’s the same on block on both sides with the colors in reverse.   The form is a nice fluffy feather pillow.

Feather forms are SO much cheaper to buy as a finished pillow than a pillow form!  I buy pillows at Bed, Bath and Beyond or Tuesday Morning when they have them on clearance.  Just toss the ugly cover they come with!


Since the dogs always make little nests of our pillows I prefer finished front and backs over envelopes.   The full zipper makes it easy to toss in the wash.

I really like the cream and black polka dots together.  Makes me wonder what the original intention for these fabrics were.




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