August 19th, 2014

87Redux Free Pattern (Vintage Esprit Bag)

by Julie Hirt

Do you remember when everyone had those awesome Esprit bags in the 80s? I do! And I remember feeling like totally awesome carrying mine to school the first day. Over the years I’ve randomly searched for them online. Guess what? Apparently they hold their value and I should have purchased dozens back in the day. They are selling for $100-$200!

I’m not willing to pay that, so I’ve looked at a ton of images and have done my best to recreate this iconic 80’s teen bag of choice. I do suggest using the Duck Cloth – it’s kind of the perfect canvas for this.


If you are too young or don’t remember, here are some of the original bags I’m referring to!


blackesprit - Copy

etsyesprit - Copyimages courtesy of shopgoodgrace, 51VC and ebay.


Some had pockets, some didn’t.  Some had accent interior strap colors, some didn’t.  But they ALL had those same flipped up corners and body shape.


I remember my bag *did* have the pocket and accent strap colors, so that’s what I went with.



No raw edges on the interior of the bag.


Hope you enjoy making it or just reliving a bit of the 80’s.






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6 Comments to “87Redux Free Pattern (Vintage Esprit Bag)”

  1. This is all kinds of awesome! Love those little folder corners. Fun tote!

  2. This is totally rad! Thank you for sharing!

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  4. We were JUST talking about our ESPRIT bags and I went to check ebay! HOLY MOLY, I knew I should have kept that bag!! So sad. I had the black bag, with pocket, rainbow letters.

    Thanks for the pattern, I am going to make one for sure!

  5. Looked for this pattern in your etsy shop. I would really love to make this bag. The link here doesn’t lead to the pattern, atleast not that I could find.

  6. Looked for your pattern and the link doesn’t lead to it. I loved this bag when I was a teen and would love to make one.

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