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November 5th, 2014

Beginnings of a 9 patch

by Julie Hirt

As soon as I saw the Mimosa fabric line I *had* to have it.


Since I’m having a love affair with this line I wanted to make a new bed quilt for myself.   KING SIZE!  143 x  7.5″ blocks!  Yikes, what have I done?


It should look something like this and it will be a smaller size king using 143 blocks. I may need to add a little border but as long as it covers the mattress with a small overhang it will be fine.

I’ve only just started but I do have a handful of blocks finished.



In other news…….. Guess who now owns a longarm?!

YES!  I can’t tell you how excited I was when my husband gave me the “ok”.  I ended up with a HandiQuilter Avante 18.  It’s a few years old but less than 120,000 stitches (which is like 2 quilts I think) and she’s a beauty.  The lady I purchased her from is retired and having back problems so she never got around to using it.

So now that I have a longarm, I have decided to step up the game and make myself a king size quilt that I can quilt all by myself.

I finished my first quilt on Suzie (that’s what I’ve named her, it was the name of the lady she was purchased from) a few weeks ago.


I played around with a cheater panel a little but figured the best way to learn was to jump right in.  I saw a similar technique on YouTube and it was a good beginning pattern for me.

I’ll be sharing pics of this quilt soon, I just wanted to show you a bit of the quilting.  The quilt is a pattern for Moda Bake Shop that will be posted in the next few weeks – and I have another holiday pattern coming up right after that.

So I’ve been a little busy even though it’s been kinda quiet around here.





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