November 5th, 2014

Beginnings of a 9 patch

by Julie Hirt

As soon as I saw the Mimosa fabric line I *had* to have it.


Since I’m having a love affair with this line I wanted to make a new bed quilt for myself.   KING SIZE!  143 x  7.5″ blocks!  Yikes, what have I done?


It should look something like this and it will be a smaller size king using 143 blocks. I may need to add a little border but as long as it covers the mattress with a small overhang it will be fine.

I’ve only just started but I do have a handful of blocks finished.



In other news…….. Guess who now owns a longarm?!

YES!  I can’t tell you how excited I was when my husband gave me the “ok”.  I ended up with a HandiQuilter Avante 18.  It’s a few years old but less than 120,000 stitches (which is like 2 quilts I think) and she’s a beauty.  The lady I purchased her from is retired and having back problems so she never got around to using it.

So now that I have a longarm, I have decided to step up the game and make myself a king size quilt that I can quilt all by myself.

I finished my first quilt on Suzie (that’s what I’ve named her, it was the name of the lady she was purchased from) a few weeks ago.


I played around with a cheater panel a little but figured the best way to learn was to jump right in.  I saw a similar technique on YouTube and it was a good beginning pattern for me.

I’ll be sharing pics of this quilt soon, I just wanted to show you a bit of the quilting.  The quilt is a pattern for Moda Bake Shop that will be posted in the next few weeks – and I have another holiday pattern coming up right after that.

So I’ve been a little busy even though it’s been kinda quiet around here.





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12 Comments to “Beginnings of a 9 patch”

  1. That’s going to be an amazing mimosa quilt!!

  2. I’ve been loving Mimosa since first seeing it online. Yet to see it in person though. I like the 9-patch scrappy look for the line.

  3. This is beautiful. I am happy to see you are not intimated by the long arm. Good for you. Keep at it. I am struggling to just get piecing down. lol.

  4. Congrats on the new addition!

  5. Congrats on letting ‘Suzie’ live with you – you will have so much fun!

  6. Congratulations on getting a longarm!!! Have a blast with your new best friend!!

  7. Oh I totally want Mimosa too. Awesome about the long arm.

  8. I love the way the mock up looks. It’s funny that with all the crazy, complicated patterns out there, I’m still drawn to simple blocks. They are just so timeless and appealing! Looks great and glad you have a long arm for it!

  9. Congratulations on your long arm! I also got one this year and am having a blast with it.
    Its so much fun to quilt a bit quilt on it (compared to trying to do it myself on my Janome!)
    Looking forward to seeing pics of that quilt as you progress….and get it quilted!

  10. Congrats on the long arm. You’ll have the best time using it.

  11. Your new bed quilt is going to be amazing – and now it will be easy to quilt with your new long arm!! Congrats!!

  12. Oh Julie…I’m in love with that line as well and have actually held out on buying it only because I don’t have a “plan” for it yet. After seeing your nine patch plan…I must get some NOW!

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