August 9th, 2013

Block Rock’n Week 11 – Global Concepts

by Julie Hirt

Every other Friday I’ve been posting a free “Block Rock’n” paper piecing template.   The blocks are named after bands, singers or maybe even a song title. This week brings you Global Concepts:

global concepts


I had a tough time naming this block.  Mainly because I have dozens of musicians I’d like to tribute a block with only a few blocks left to name.

Every time I hear this song I crank up the volume full blast. It makes me want to… well, like the lyrics say, f*cking dance.

Symmetry exists only in our mind
Our brain is seeing squares


embedded by Embedded Video

Robert Delong is a young genius. He writes, sings and creates all the music.

Listen to the video and look at this.   It’s just a good fit for this block.

global concepts quilt

A bit of Photoshop play let me see what a full quilt would look like.

Global concepts aren’t common the world round
But we share a mortal frame

I love the little stars that form between the blocks. If you used a different color on the outside it will something like this:


You  can see a star in the center of each block as well a different color star that forms between the blocks.

Download Block Rock’n – Global Concepts

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I would love to see your block if you make one.  Feel free to:


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20 Responses to “Block Rock’n Week 11 – Global Concepts”

  1. Great block! This is such a fun series

  2. Yipee. Another fabulous block for me to play with.

  3. Please don’t ever stop making these!! I love them all so much!

  4. You did it again! I love it when you show the potential block layouts, too! Congrats on another wonderful design!

  5. I love seeing your new blocks. They are all great, and on my “to do” list!

  6. You amaze me! I love them all, I have a few left to tackle :)

  7. Another fabulous block, love seeing it repeated across a quilt top and great choice of music again :)

  8. What a great (and vesatile) block! One that you could definitely have lots of fun with.

  9. Great block! I love the secondary pattern that appears between the blocks!

  10. Just discovered your block series will be going back to download the blocks I have missed. Great patterns, thanks for sharing!

  11. Gorgeous Gorgeous…… are amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Love your patterns (music was a bit shocking but enjoyed that too). Thank you for sharing.

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