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August 5th, 2013

How To: Tucked Quilt Fold

by Julie Hirt

This may seem silly but I’m going to share it anyway!

Tucked Quilt

Taking a few seconds to do this will keep your quilt folded and prevent it from being all floppy.   As a gift this makes it easier for wrapping or just tying a bow around.  You can even stick a card in the front flap!

On this one the fold is nice because you can see and feel the minky backing.  (In case you’re wondering the awesomely soft voile is from Cucire.)



Lay out your quilt face down

Tucked Quilt Fold (1)

Fold up a little less than a third of your quilt

Tucked Quilt Fold (2)

Fold over again and you should still see about 4″ of backing

Tucked Quilt Fold (3)

Flip it around

Tucked Quilt Fold (4)

Fold the 4″ backing flap up

Tucked Quilt Fold (5)

Flip it around and fold a third of the quilt over

Tucked Quilt Fold (6)

Fold over the other third

Tucked Quilt Fold (7)

Lift that last fold and you will see a little pocket

Tucked Quilt Fold (8)

Shove the other side in there

Tucked Quilt Fold (9)

That’s it!  Super easy and your quilt won’t unfold.

Tucked Quilt Fold (10)

This fold will also work for large quilts, you just need to play with how small you want it to fold up.   I’ll start with the quilt folded in half before following the steps.


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