May 1st, 2010

Ready for a drink! Margaritaville

by Julie Hirt

The WHOLE reason I started this blog….   I have so many craft projects going on at any one time it’s not funny.  I’ve thought about blogging them for years but have been a little lazy.  Flickr is my friend for many reasons, one being it’s a great place for inspiration.  So I decided to bite the bullet, join in, start saving favorites and adding to some of the groups.

I’d like to get most of my recent projects loaded up (off to a good start with some of the jewelry and crochet items) and post what I’m currently working. More of a diary for my own self, I don’t see anyone reading this as I’m not going to share the fact that I started this thing.

So – here is my latest “phase”:  embroidery.  Here is my very first complete project and I plan on giving it to mom next time we’re down.  I was able to use several different stitches and it turned out better than expected.  I used an iron on transfer (a little scared to design my own for the first attempt) and think it turned out better than expected.

I present my tea towel:


So there you go.  I’m probably going to give the blog a break for a few days and I do plan on getting some of my other stuff posted in here.

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