July 12th, 2013

Let’s Get Acquainted Blog Hop & Giveaway

by Julie Hirt

EDITED:  – Apparently I can’t follow directions very well.  I posted this way too early so I took it down and re-posted today.  I always jump ahead! Now you can understand why I have problems following patterns.


Thanks so much to Plum & June for hosting the Let’s Get Acquainted Blog Hop 2013.  I’ve found some truly awesome blogs through this.

Plum and June

I started sewing 3 years ago this month.  I was out of commission for almost a year due to a house fire, so I’ve actually been sewing for just over two years.

First Quilt: (first sewing project, for that matter)


I’ve always enjoyed crafts like crochet, embroidery, jewelry, paper, on and on but nothing would ‘stick’.   I lose interest pretty quickly. So I was very wary about sewing and investing in the machine and fabrics. No one in my family sews and I had no experience whatsoever.

I’m happy to say that I’m in love with quilting and don’t see that changing. Fabric is too near and dear to my heart. I learned to sew and quilt by watching TONS of YouTube videos and the blogging world. I can’t thank the interwebs enough!

I jumped into free motion quilting with my 2nd quilt:


Since those first couple of weeks I’ve made many quilts and hope to make tons more.

Last finished quilt:



What is six-two-seven?   My husband and I started dating on 6/27/07 and were married on 6/27/11. When I first started this blog I didn’t even own a sewing machine. I just enjoyed making things and needed a name that wasn’t specific to a particular craft. So that’s how I came up with 627handworks.

Favorite non-quilt project:  My (beloved) Weekender.  I am still surprised that I was able to make this thing.

Weekender (10)

I also love, love, love my triple zipper pouch. If you haven’t made one, you should!  I store all my English Paper Piecing supplies in it.

photo 5

Favorite Notion: I’ve found that I cannot live without Wonder Clips.  I use these for everything!  I rarely pin anymore; the clips are great for piecing, too.

hexieproj (1)

Most recently I started hosting a weekly link party.  It’s called Thursday Threads and I would love for you to share your embroidery, crochet, quilting, sewing, anything made with thread!

I’m on the last stretch of Block Rock’n with 4 blocks to go.  It’s a free paper piecing series that I release a pattern for every other Friday.  Here are a couple of the blocks:





I’m active on Flickr, Instagram and Pinterest,  you may also find me on Twitter, Google+ and Etsy.


Be sure to check out the other Blog Hop Bloggers this week!

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Oh!  If you haven’t entered my Giveaway, entries are open through July 17th.


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58 Responses to “Let’s Get Acquainted Blog Hop & Giveaway”

  1. Ooh ooh so many good blogs in this week’s roundup! I’m so glad I found you because I love your style and your ambition. (And anyone who makes a weekender out of Constellations is alright by me!) Wonder Clips are totally on my to get list, everyone raves about them!

  2. Hi, new to your blog, been quilting for awhile. Really interesting stuff. I enjoy reading what others do as it gives me inspiration. Thanks for confirming how wonderful Aurifil thread is. And my favorite color combos are blues and greens. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks.

  3. Woohoo!! I think I initially stumbled upon your blog through WIP Wednesday (pretty sure it was one of your epic Block Rock’n posts…)

    Love the direction you’re going with this blog 😉 P.S. THANK YOU for the clover-clip-EPP-pseudo-tip! I got a bunch off of Amazon and silly old me has just been using them for binding.. doh! You’ve opened the door to a whole new life for those clips!

  4. Hi, new to your blog also. I haven’t used the wonder clips yet, but think I’ll have to try them, don’t like pins. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  5. I am a new follower. I am excited to find you because I see some awesome ideas.

  6. I am a fairly new follower. I love your weekender bag. Do you have a pattern source for it?

  7. I lake your Blog.Techniques helps renew me .Thanks for showing your work.

  8. I love the block rockin blocks, I have made 4 of them so far. Can’t wait to get more done!

  9. Hi julie,
    I can tell you have definitely found your nitch in quilting! ALL of your projects are terrific! Very inspiring stuff here. And it was nice to learn more about you!
    Thank you for sharing!
    I am already a follower through BL :)

  10. Love the Weekender, love your paper piecing, love your scrappy trips, love your zipper pouch, as a matter of fact, I love you! (Was that declaration too hasty?) Lovely blog and I am looking forward to following :)

  11. I love your post, so nice to meet all the new bloggers involved in the hop. The weekender has my favorite fabrics and colors. I am definitely checking out the paper piecing blocks – love the ones you showed here.

  12. love what I have seen so far and am new to this site. I also love any blues and greens and especially on a modern quilt with a background of white. Please enter me in the contest.

  13. Great to learn more about you Julie! I’m already a bloglovin’ follower and link to Thursday Threads as well!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  14. Wow! Your quilts rock! You get a lot done, I wish I was able to get that much done and have them look this good. Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. I’m new to your Blog. Your giveaway is amazing such a nice set of fabrics, We never have enough, I only wish I had as mych time to quilt as I have ambition.

  16. Your weekender is fabulous! Great to get to know you better!

  17. I love your weekender – I haven’t tried one yet!

  18. Well dang you and I must be two peas in a pod! I totally thought today was the deadline (not the start date!) so I set mine to post right after seeing /yours/ 😉 Pointing the finger at you, friend!

    Still love your style. Duh.

  19. I really like your Weekender Bag! I made one and had so much fun with it. I hear if you can do that, you can make anything! Your paper piecing is also fun!

  20. I am still in shock… there are only 4 more blocks left in the Block Rock’n series. What am I going to do. I will have to savoir each fabulous one.

  21. That weekender!!!!
    :O :O :O :O
    The patterns and colors are just so perfect. GUH. Okay. sorry. If this is on flickr, can you let me know (I’m going to search for it, but you can save me some time) so I can favorite it so I can come look back at it easily when I am making my own weekender someday. :)

    Also your paper-pieced block patterns are amazing! What a great series. 😀
    Definitely going to be following your blog. Thanks for sharing your great projects!

  22. Love your work Julie! I am glad you stuck around in the quilting world, we need you and your awesome blocks:) I am not a bag maker, but yours looks awesome!

  23. LOVE your weekender. Is there a pattern available? Also the triple zipper pouch is great.

  24. love love love that weekender bag, and your paper piecing patterns! i’ve definitely already tucked away or printed some of them :) love this post and your style! glad you were on the hop as well!

  25. Your Weekender is lovely! I cannot imagine sewing one of these!!! I have not tried the wonder clips – piecing too huh???Maybe I should try them!!!

  26. PS. I have a little chihuahua rescue too – where is your little one from? Best little doggie ever, we just love him to bits.

  27. Hey Julie! Great to get to know you better – I’ve been following your Rock Block series and am using Icky Thump on a current guild challenge project. I love, love it!!

  28. ooh, those paper pieced blocks are so pretty! Love! And your weekender is fab- I’ve been thinking about giving it a go so I can use it when I go out of town in November.

    So nice to meet you!

  29. The paper pieced blocks are amazing. Your work is great, very fresh looking.

  30. Loved reading your post, Julie! Again….. Glad to have had the opportunity to get to know you through the hop this summer!


  31. Wow, your bag is amazing! I would carry it around with me everywhere if I’d made it. So glad to have found your blog via the Hop! Great post.

    Jenny @ A Note to Follow Sew

  32. Nice to meet you! Love your Weekender, I am still a little afraid of that pattern. Okay, a lot afraid. Very nice paper piecing blocks too!

  33. I thought I commented but I guess not! I love your work Julie and I think you are SO creative! You inspire me in so many ways. I LOVE your weekender!

  34. Great post! I love your style! Your weekender is totally gorgeous, and I must get my hands on some wonder clips! I’ve seen them recommended so many times.

  35. Great blog name! Wow…I am so impressed that with your Weekender bag! I have the pattern but am a bit intimidated. Nice to meet you on the blog hop!

  36. Love your paper piecing, and in the next post too. Amazing what the variations of colour do for the total effect.

  37. Love your paper piecing and that Weekender is just fabulous!!!!! Fabulous blog x

  38. I just love your scrappy trip along quilt. You did a beautiful job. I really need to try one of those! I also agree with you on the Clover clips. They are a great notion! What a great post. You did an excellent job!

  39. I think we are kindred spirits you and I! I can’t follow patterns either! To save my life! And my favorite thing ever is those Clover clips!! It’s so nice to meet you on the hop! That weekender bag is A-Mazing! Great job!

  40. I love your blog. I’m glad that I found your music/block QAL. I love to incorporate music. My first quilt I made, I also made a playlist to go with it. It was an Ohio Star quilt, so I had Ohio songs. Kinda fun. I’m going to be linking up on Thursdays and I’m gonna check out your other rockn blocks. How fun!!!
    I’m following you on bloglovin so I don’t miss out on any fun.
    I love your weekender bag, too. I’m planning to make my first bag this week.

  41. Hi! great to read a bit more about you. I know exactly what you mean about losing interest, I have a seriously short attention span, but like you quilting seems to have captured that (for now!!). I LOVE your blocks although I haven’t made any yet they are on my list. Oh… and that weekender is adorable, so want one of those! Amy

  42. It’s so nice to meet you through the blog hop! The Block Rock’n series looks really interesting; I particularly love your Penny Lane block! Your blog design is also really attractive! Since you’re in Kansas City, did you happen to go the the Modern Meet up at 2012’s spring Quilt Market? I wonder if we talked there? I will look forward to seeing what you make in the future!

  43. Very nice to meet you via the blog hop – excited to become a follower now that I know about you. The paper piecing series is amazing. Looking forward to giving them a try as soon as I finish gathering the courage to paper piece. And I agree about Clover clips – they are fabulous!

  44. That Penny Lane block is gorgeous. Love the architextures for the background. I really need to try making one of those triple zip pouches at some point. They look so cute and practical.

    I have a Weekender Bag in my queue but still need to pick some fabric for it. I suspect that the Clover wonder clips would be a big help in putting a project like that together.

  45. I ‘ll have to try those clips as well! And the quilts you’ve made look fantastic for only having sewn for a couple of years!

  46. Lovely Post, love the beginning Most 😉

  47. Love your weekender bag, soooo pretty:) I just got some of the wonder clips this week and used them on a binding, love them!!

  48. Love those ‘rockin’ blocks! You are just crazy talented and ambitious. Love all you are doing.

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