September 15th, 2013

Sunday Funday Giveaway!

by Julie Hirt

The giveaway weeks flew by.  Are you ready for Week 6?   I think it’s a great one!


Look at this yummy goodness!


Aurifil has provided a Simply Color by V and Co. cotton thread collection in the large spool size.  This is a ton of thread.  TON.  It’s also in my absolute favorite weight, 50.

Their 50 wt cotton mako thread is perfect for paper, hand or machine piecing as well as machine quilting.  It’s also fantastic because you rarely need to clean any build up from your machine and your bobbin seem to last forever. Due to the fine thread, a lot of it can fit on one tiny bobbin.

This week will have two winners!  

Sew Lux has donated an email subscription to their new Club Medallion Border of the Month.



There is still plenty of time to sign up.  Starting in October, on the 10th of every month, you’ll receive a block or border pattern in PDF format via email for 6 months.

I love how it’s one border per month, so you won’t feel overwhelmed.  Sew Lux also has fabric kits available to go with the Border of the Month in 2 colorways:



Both winners will also receive a copy of the Quilt Bee App if they have an Apple device.

Quilt Bee App


BIG thank you to all sponsors and giveaway bloggers from the last 6 weeks!  It couldn’t have been Sunday Funday without you.

Please be sure check out the other Giveaway Parties hosted today:



Good luck!  There are several different ways to enter this time.




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170 Comments to “Sunday Funday Giveaway!”

  1. Most of my answers are listed above. Barefoot, radio in the background.

  2. I like to quilt barefoot and I like to listen to music. (mostly hard rock!)

  3. I hold on to all of the thread clippings until the project is completely finished.

  4. I guess not so odd is sewing barefoot, I also keep all thread scraps and if I am working on a small project like a pin cushion I will use my scrap threads, after all Aurifil is VERY precious.

  5. I can’t completely finish a project until I know what the next one will be.

  6. I don’t really have any weird sewing habits that I can think of. I suppose if someone saw me they’d say something is weird, or just me in general. I guess I often don’t cut on my mat starting at one. I’ll often count back from the 18in mark or even from the middle of the board.

  7. I would have to say my odd sewing habit would be that I do wear shoes. LOL I see by the commets that alot of people don’t! I am always afraid of stepping on pins. Not that I drop that many on the floor, but occasionally I do. I owuld love to win this awesome giveaway. Although I don’t have an Apple Device.
    Thank you for having this giveaway! :)

  8. I like to have m&ms handy!! Thanks!

  9. Socks on, tv on, and laptop next to the sewing machine so I can watch my “crops” while sewing.

  10. I have to take off my shoe when I sew on my Featherweight, but put it back on when I get up. I usually used this machine at my friend’s store. But if I bring my Viking Sapphire, I can leave my shoe on, but forget when I’m there and take it off! lol.

  11. I sew barefoot or at least in socks only. I have a hard time sewing with music playing but I can have a movie on the TV…now that is odd

  12. I have to have my slippers on. No music because when a good songs comes on I want to get up and dance.

  13. I sew with my Crocs on 24-7 all year long, with my fav. TCM channel tv old dear movies in the back ground. ( Turner Classic Movies).

  14. I like to sew barefoot and always have about a million projects going at once

  15. I cannot sew with shoes or socks on … and I am most productive if Last of the Mohicans is playing. I don’t watch the movie but there are bits of music or scenes that get me into a sewing or spinning rhythm.

  16. I only quilt with Aurifil thread…if that’s considered odd. No problems with using Aurifil, something I can’t say for all the other threads I’ve tried over many, many years of quilting. Also, have dark chocolate covered espresso beans in my sewing room at all times. I don’t drink coffee but, these little gems give me just the extra boost I need in the afternoon!

  17. Aurifil is the best! It is the only thread I sew with. I also do my best sewing barefoot.

  18. I have to have complete silence. I don’t want to hear anything except my machine!! And shoes on always! :)

  19. I like to sit cross legged on my chair whenever I don’t need to use the foot pedal.

  20. odd sewing habit is barefoot, which I’m seeing isn’t that odd after all! :) and listening to either an audio book or the radio. Thank you for the chance to win!

  21. Aurifil 50wt is my go to thread. This set is fantastic – I’d love to win a few more colors!

  22. I can’t sew with shoes on.

  23. weird sewing habits…can’t think of any…

  24. Always sew barefoot, what a great giveaway..Love this thread!!!

  25. I only sew barefoot. And I insist upon haveing my handy dandy lint roller beside me always.

  26. Guess it isn’t so odd- after seeing a bunch of other people have said the same thing. I can’t sew with shoes on. I think it started when I lived in Hawaii where I always was barefoot in the house. Now, it’s like I can’t feel the presser foot right with shoes on.

  27. I like to sew barefoot.

  28. I can only sew barefoot or in socks, and I have to have my little rug under the table to rest my feet on.

  29. I’ve just started quilting, but I tend to watch tv, well, listen to it, as I go :) Keeps me well entertained!

  30. I sew with barefeet in summer & socks in winter (too cold otherwise). And the music needs to be on. :)

  31. I like to sew in my pajamas and my fuzzy pink slippers and listen to symphonic metal. Keeps me comfy and inspired.

  32. I sew standing up when I use my Singer Featherweight because I have it set up on my cutting table which is at waist height.

  33. I never sew with any shoes on and I always use the foot pedal. It feels weird to use the start stop button.

  34. I need bright light and my Ott-lite is right over my shoulder. Thanks for the giveaway. It’s a great introduction to your blog.

  35. I talk to my fabric when it doesn’t behave….lol

  36. Most of the time I start a project without figuring out everything or reading through the whole instructions. So in the end I always end up with having to invent a solution for more fabric or bigger blocks or …. 1

  37. Haha, I’m a barefoot sewist too! I like the extra contact and control being shoe-less provides!

  38. My strange sewing habit is chewing on my lip… I guess that’s what I do when I focus!

  39. I can’t think of any weird habits when I sew. I like music on when I’m playing with the fabric though.

  40. Shoes off til my toes get cold. Tile over cement keeps the floor cool, good for hot days. Also a pair of scissors at each station so I never have to look hard to trim threads.

  41. I sew without shoes on.

  42. I can’t sew without shoes either…also I never measure my binding fabric. I just guess and usually it’s a win! 😉

  43. Have to sew in sweats and socks or barefoot. Love to watch either chick flicks or bad reality tv. Guilty pleasure plus sewing!

  44. I sew barefoot, and watching TV!!!! Got to watch my shows! And I save all of my scraps for more projects!!!!

  45. I have to be listening to a book on tape while I am quilting, tv or music doesn’t do it…

  46. I like to sew w/ shoes on! And watching tv on my computer!

  47. I sew best with country music blaring in the background!

  48. I can only sew barefooted or in socks.

  49. I don’t have any really odd sewing habits, I just love to sew and try to do it whenever I can!!

  50. I tend to like to cut, sew, and press one block or unit at a time, which wouldn’t be a problem except it’s not super efficient. I’ve had to discipline myself to use more assembly line type techniques on larger projects.

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