September 9th, 2013

Unicorn Pillow

by Julie Hirt

I’m so happy with how my little unicorn turned out!  Yesterday evening I decided to “sew one block” then stayed up till midnight quilting the pillow.  Oops.

Unicorn Pillow

She’s destined for my niece who is turning five and now I kinda wish it was for me. Do girls ever outgrow unicorns?

And don’t tell my niece, but I’ve already named her  Princess Prancy Pants.

Unicorn Pillow 1

This genius paper piecing pattern is from the talented Kristy at Quiet Play.  It’s a perfect little pattern and you can find it here.

Princess Prancy Pants is the first paper piecing block I’ve made outside of stars or symmetrical type shapes.  She’s not perfect but it’s no fault of the pattern.  Kristy has oodles of blocks to choose from and several are on my to-do list.

Embarrassingly, I’m a little too giddy about the unicorn and she looks at home on MY bed.  Although, I’m not sure if my husband will go for unicorn decor in our bedroom.

Unicorn Pillow 2

For the stitching I used assorted Aurifil thread colors along with fabrics from my stash.  The pink and white border is from a vintage sheet and the back side has the same fabric with a zipper enclosure for easy washing.

This is only my 2nd attempt at piping (first time was my Weekender).  It really isn’t too bad to make and sew in.  Not sure why the thought of it is scary.

Hope you’re having a good Monday. Prance on!  heh


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21 Comments to “Unicorn Pillow”

  1. Princess Prancy Pants! LOL

  2. This is darling! I might make one for my soon-to-be 3 year old!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Love it!! It turned out beautifully! Yay for a very successful attempt at pictorial paper piecing! 😉 Your quilting finishes it off perfectly.

  4. its fantastic!! your niece will love it!!

  5. What a cute little pillow. Your niece is going to love it.

  6. That’s a great pattern and oh so cute!

  7. This pillow is great! So adorable and I love the Princess Prancy Pants!

  8. Very cute – it reminds of my little ponies :-)

  9. What girl wouldn’t want a unicorn pillow! So adorable. And I’ve always been afraid of piping too. Did you make your own? Whose pattern/tutorial did you use?

  10. Oh man that is so cute and awesome! Your niece will certainly love it!

  11. Lovely! I have never tried piping! You have done a great job!

  12. The piping and the little scallop quilting are perfect finishing touches!

  13. I’m sure that your niece is going to just love her unicorn! You did a really nice job on it.

  14. I love the pillow …the unicorn is so cute. You did a fabulous job.

  15. Looks awesome! Love your quilting, and when i read your IG #princessprancypants i almost fell over laughing, perfect name for a unicorn!
    I want one for my couch and was thinking that my hubs would definitely not go for it! Kristy suggested trying the “that old thing, it’s been there forever!”

  16. So cute! Especially the name.

  17. This is adorable! The quilting really makes it perfect. Love the scallop stitch.

  18. I will prance on! Looks fantastic. As always great work!

  19. Princess Prancy Pants is freaking awesome :) The quilting is inspired!

  20. Seriously cute. Unicorns rock.

  21. So cute, my daughter would love it!

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