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March 23rd, 2013

Quilted Parisville Pillow

by Julie Hirt

Last night I decided to make some pillow shams to match my big purple quilt that was recently finished.  After making the shams I found a Parisville jelly roll!  Holy crap, I forgot I had that.


So I decided to make a patchwork pillow to match the bedding.

Recently I was at Tuesday Morning and they some truly hideous pillows on clearance for like $10.  When I realized one was down filling, I snatched it up just for the insert.   It’s a 20″ form and it’s perfect and squishy.  Now that I have 2/3 left of a jelly roll I think I’ll keep hitting up Tuesday Morning for a discounted pillow.   I’ll make an army of them for the bed!


I stole the Scrappy Trip Along idea and just made one block that was 10 strips wide.  Worked out perfectly for the size.


I did simple quilting  on the front and back. You can’t tell in the picture but every other row the thread changes from navy or purple.

There is a 1″ box on the corners.  For some reason pointy pillows really bug me. Like the corners totally distort the shape or something.


Thanks to my recently acquired zipper knowledge (Weekender), I was able to add a zipper!  This is a nice change from my standard envelope back. I feel fancy!

Now I’m ready to wash this up and get that crinkly quilted goodness.

The shams – I had a dozen or so left over blocks  from the quilt and wanted to *quickly* make simple shams.  That turned into quilted shams with pieced backs and 2″ flange.   Oy.

I’d like to post more pictures but the lighting in my room is too dark and I can’t take them outside because it’s SNOWING. Again.  Blech.   I posted this on Instagram this morning, so you can kind of see what I did.


It all sort of blends together but the sham is on top of the quilt. Each one has 2 ‘geese’ with borders. I really wish I had thought of making these before I sent the quilt off.  Then they would have those awesome quilted feathers too. Oh well!


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