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August 5th, 2015

Scrappy Trip (from) Around the World Quilt

by Julie Hirt

So, SO excited to have completed this quilt.  The blocks have been collected for two years from several countries and numerous states.

Scrappy Trip Around the World - 627handworks (6)

When I started the Scrappy Trip Bee (you can still sign up for Round 10 HERE!) I had already made a Scrappy Trip quilt. I was thinking it would be really cool to have one from literally ‘around the world’. So that’s how to bee began.

Scrappy Trip Around the World - 627handworks (5)

I wish I had thought to write on the blocks as I received them – just like the country or state in the corner.  Luckily I saved my records from the Scrappy Trip Bee Rounds.  Came up with this label and had it printed at Spoonflower.

Scrappy Trip Around the World - 627handworks (2)

So much was going on in the front that I chose a bright white backing.

Scrappy Trip Around the World - 627handworks (1)

The size ended up at 60″ x 84″  – which is twin size. I originally had the blocks laid out like my first quilt, which is 6 blocks by 6 blocks and 72″ square.  I think this will be more versatile over the years since it can actually cover a bed.

Scrappy Trip Around the World - 627handworks (4)

This is the 3rd quilt (I think… maybe 4th?) that I’ve done on the long arm.

I actually hated the pattern when I first started and almost took it apart and ripped out the stitches!  I’m glad I stuck with it because I’m pretty happy with the end result and it washed up nice and crinkly.   It’s a great beginner pattern that can be done on a regular machine as well – just double wavy horizontal lines with vertical lines between those.

Scrappy Trip Around the World - 627handworks (7)

It’s definitely my FAVORITE quilt to date!  I love that each block is made by someone in a different city or country and they have a block from me as well.  This one has some meaning.



Scrappy Trip Around the World - 627handworks (3)

Hehe.  The man behind most of my quilt photos.  I hear a lot of “my arms hurt”, “hurry up”, “what do you mean it’s upside down?!”.   I’m just happy for the help!



July 7th, 2015

Scrappy Trip Bee Blocks

by Julie Hirt

Summertime is slow sewing season for me, but I managed to get my Scrappy Trip Around the World bee blocks finished a week early.

Black and white with a bright center strip.

Green and blue with a touch of orange or pink.


Low and medium volume.

Bright, modern prints.

Hope my hive mates enjoy them.




May 1st, 2015

Scrappy Trip Around the World Bee – Round 9!

by Julie Hirt

I can’t believe it’s the 9th round, but here we are.


New to This?


To make things easier I’ll just share the email that was sent out to members of the last few rounds:

There will be at least two more rounds of the Scrappy Trip Bee:

Sign ups May 1 – 6
Must be mailed by July 15

Sign ups August 1 – 6
Must be mailed by October 15

If there is still interest in November I’ll keep it going or pass the torch. :)

I’ve had some feedback that there isn’t much camaraderie within the Flickr hives. I totally understand how we get busy, are already involved in other social media platforms and it’s hard to check into one more place. To make socialization a little easier I have:

Added Instagram usernames to the sign up form. This will be shared within your group. Be sure to add the hashtag #scrappytripbee when you share anything. Instagram is a great source of inspiration and it’s easy to stalk your favorite quilters.

I created a Facebook community page and would love to see you there! Please share images, ask questions and tell us about yourself so we can all get to know one another.

Maybe these two things will add some fresh blood and we can get blocks from different cities and countries!  Feel free to invite friends as well.


I’ll leave it open until May 6th or 8 hives are full. Check below for your name – I’ll add them as quickly as I can.

Don’t forget to check into your hive once it’s formed!



August 1st, 2014

Scrappy Trip Bee – Round 6 is OPEN!

by Julie Hirt

It’s that time –




Whether you would be a new participant or you’ve joined before, we’d love to have you!

In this bee you make 5 blocks and receive 5 blocks in your color preference.  We follow Quiltville’s tutorial – this is a great pattern for all levels of quilters.  Since it is an international bee it will truly make for a “scrappy trip around the world” quilt.

You can view photos of the blocks and even some finished quilts in our Flickr group.







November 1st, 2013

Scrappy Trip Bee – Round 3 is OPEN

by Julie Hirt

It’s that time!   scrappytripbee


Round 3 is OPEN!   Sign up form is here.


  • Round 3 blocks need to be shipped by January 15th.  Plenty of time, even with the holidays!
  • We will be using Quiltville’s Scrappy Trip Along the World tutorial using 6 fabric strips. Unfinished blocks will be 12.5″
  • Fabric: Use designer, quilt shop quality fabrics.
  • Each person will make 5 blocks. One for each member of their honeycomb.
  • You will receive 5 different blocks at the end of each round. One from each member of your honeycomb.
  • Need to be willing to ship internationally. Will do my best to limit international to 1 or 2 per honeycomb.
  • The form asks you to suggest color preferences for your blocks.

All the information above can be found at the Flickr Group.  Be sure to join if you are participating.


Here are a few examples of the blocks made from the last round:

1. Scrappy Trip Bee, 2. Scrappy Trip Block for Olivia, 3. Scrappy Trip Bee – Honeycomb 7, 4. Scrappy Trip Bee – Honeycomb 7, 5. STW Hive 7 Angela, 6. Swap block #2 #scrappytripalong, 7. R2 Hive1 For Julie, 8. Round 2 Group 4, 9. Scrappy Trip Around the World


This block makes some great looking quilts.  Flickr is full of them!

1. Finished Chicopee Scrappy Trip Quilt, 2. Scrappy Trips, 3. Scrappy Trips finished!, 4. Scrappy Trip Along


Hope you join us!





EDIT 11/4/13 – This round is full

March 2nd, 2013

Scrappy Trip Around the World – Done!

by Julie Hirt

I am so excited about this quilt!  It’s my favorite in so many ways. The Scrappy Trip Around the World (Scrappy Trip Along) has taken over the online quilt world..  The pattern can be found over at Quiltville.  Has anyone seen the cover for the 20th Anniversary issue of American Patchwork and Quilting? It recently came out and has a pretty scrappy tripper on the front.


This is the first quilt I’ve used ALL scraps – like honest to goodness fabric scraps.  It’s also the first quilt I’ve chosen such a boring backing for. I figured with so much going on in the front it was ok.

Mine turned out pretty big at 6′ x 6′ and I’m glad I went with that size. The blocks are 12″. Originally I was only going to make 25 blocks, making 36 just made it perfectly jumbo sized.


I decided to try petal quilting since the quilt top had the squares as a guide.  After washing, the wrinkly goodness let me know it was the right choice. There are 1296 squares – so that’s 1296 individual petals!  It seemed to take me FOR.EVER to quilt, but I think it’s totally worth it.  Since I was using a solid backing I went with a variegated thread to give it a little something extra. Can you see the blues and pinks?

I just have to say how happy I am with my quilting on this.  The texture makes it so fun.


Those of you with pets know how difficult it can be to get pet-free pictures of anything on the floor. Huey was determined today. But he curls up with these just as much as I do and he’s cute :)


For the binding I went with Kona cotton in turquoise. It’s my favorite color so that just added to my quilt love. Now I wish I had made it king sized!


How did your Scrappy Trip Quilt turn out?  Has anyone tried jelly rolls?  I will definitely be making another one of these sometime!


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