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November 4th, 2015

King Mimosa – Quilt Finish

by Julie Hirt

This post is a little late as we’ve been using this quilt ever since I put the last stitch on the binding.

King Mimosa Quilt 627handworks (7)

I was so excited when I finished it a few weeks ago that I put it straight on the bed.

King Mimosa Quilt 627handworks (2)

The fabrics are Mimosa by Another Point of View for Windham Fabrics and may be my absolute favorite fabric collection ever.

King Mimosa Quilt 627handworks (1)

The backing is Widescreen in White by Carolyn Friedlander.  This is the 2nd quilt I’ve finished with a Widescreen backing. The first was the Oh My Stars! quilt in Blue.


Edited:  Wanted to add an up close shot of the quilting. All I have is an Instagram shot since I’ve already deleted it off my phone :/ Here it is still on the long arm:

King Mimosa Screenshot 627handworks

King Mimosa Quilt 627handworks (4)

I completely underestimated how long it would take to stitch up 143 nine-patch blocks.  It was a work in progress (mostly off progress) for about a year.

King Mimosa Quilt 627handworks (5)

It was quilted using single loops and I’m pretty happy with the overall effect. (If you view the full image above, ignore Penny Lane’s dog hairs – we’ve been using this for a few weeks!)

The batting is Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom.  In the future I’ll probably be using 2 layers of that batting or mixing a layer of 80/20 with a layer of Warm & Natural.  As is, this Mimosa quilt is definitely summer weight and not nearly as heavy as my other quilts.  I bought a huge roll of the 80/20 – it was really nice in a previous throw, so I’m not sure why this feels so light.

King Mimosa Quilt 627handworks (4)

I’m really happy with this. This is the first King sized quilt I’ve finished myself from start to finish. The ability to quilt a king size is just another reason I love my Handiquilter Avante!


January 7th, 2015

Opal Owl Quilt + First Finish of 2015

by Julie Hirt

It’s snowy, freezing cold and overall bad weather here.  But I am desperate to share my Opal Owl quilt so I apologize for the shoddy pics. I’ll get better pics once the weather clears up.


This is my 2nd quilt to go on the long arm and I tried a wood grain pattern.  The spacing is around 3/8″ and smaller.   After a quick wash the texture is AMAZING.


Click on the pic above for full size. DO IT!  Look at the crinkles. *sigh* I could just lay around with this for days.


The finished quilt measures 70″ x 80″ so it would work for a twin size bed.

As much as I love the quilting, the fabrics and pattern, I don’t know if I’ll keep it.  Maybe sell it?  Not sure yet because there are some serious man hours in this.  The piecing took a surprising amount of time.

You can the pattern for free at Moda Bake Shop.


This summer I was at a local quilt shop and they had 5 yards of the backing fabric on clearance!  I couldn’t believe my luck as I think the Opal Owl line is hard to come by. That’s when I bit the bullet and cut into the bundle.


Oh! Want to see my official “First Finish of 2015”?


My arrowhead stitch cowl. It was destined to be a scarf but I ran out of yarn and I wanted to get it off my list.  I was sick New Years Eve so I sat at home and finished it shortly after midnight.

I started the scarf this fall and it got lost in the shuffle of other projects. This is my first tunisian crochet project and I really like that it has a knitted feel, because I suck at actual knitting.  The yarn is a self striping wool blend called Sheepish.

Also got around to quilting this mini .  You can find the free Paper Piecing pattern HERE.   Gave machine binding another chance… again, I don’t know if it’s for me. It’s quick and looks okay but there’s something about hand stitching that does it for me.


Just basic straight lines but it’s another WIP to cross off my list.

In my last post I mentioned I have to cross off at least half of my To-Make and To-Quilt lists before I can add a new project.  I’m well on my way with these three.



July 23rd, 2013

Tutorial: Free Motion Quilting Modern Petals

by Julie Hirt

I came up with this design when trying to attempt Dogwood/Orange Peel quilting and mine was just looking too sloppy.


Patchwork squares make this an easy pattern, so it works well for the Scrappy Trip, Postage Stamp or Scrap Vomit quilts.

modernpetals (16)

Here we go:

Pretend my drawn lines are patchwork pieces.  Just use your blocks as a grid pattern.

modernpetals (2)

Step 1:   Quilt a straight line up between 2 blocks

modernpetals (3)

Step 2:   Curve up and around to the left corner

modernpetals (4)

Step 3:   Swing down and around to the upper right corner creating a half circle

modernpetals (5)

Step 4:   Curve back down to the middle

modernpetals (6)

Repeat:  Steps 1 – 4 all the way up your row.

TIP:  I don’t have my petal tips reach the points of the corners.  This way there is a little spacing between the rows.


Now, I’ll show you how on the machine.  Use your free motion foot, feet down and draw your thread up.

modernpetals (7)

Straight line up

modernpetals (8)

Curve up to the corner

modernpetals (9)

Half circle around to the other corner

modernpetals (10)

Curve back down

modernpetals (11)

When you get to the top of your quilt you can just reverse these steps and work your way back down.

modernpetals (12)

modernpetals (13)

modernpetals (14)

modernpetals (15)

This is a simple pattern and depending on the size of your squares, it can get really crinkly in the wash!

Here is the Scrappy Trip  quilted with ‘Modern Petals’.


Let me know if you have any questions!  I’ll answer questions in the comments thread rather than emailing.


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