September 15th, 2013

Sunday Funday Giveaway!

by Julie Hirt

The giveaway weeks flew by.  Are you ready for Week 6?   I think it’s a great one!


Look at this yummy goodness!


Aurifil has provided a Simply Color by V and Co. cotton thread collection in the large spool size.  This is a ton of thread.  TON.  It’s also in my absolute favorite weight, 50.

Their 50 wt cotton mako thread is perfect for paper, hand or machine piecing as well as machine quilting.  It’s also fantastic because you rarely need to clean any build up from your machine and your bobbin seem to last forever. Due to the fine thread, a lot of it can fit on one tiny bobbin.

This week will have two winners!  

Sew Lux has donated an email subscription to their new Club Medallion Border of the Month.



There is still plenty of time to sign up.  Starting in October, on the 10th of every month, you’ll receive a block or border pattern in PDF format via email for 6 months.

I love how it’s one border per month, so you won’t feel overwhelmed.  Sew Lux also has fabric kits available to go with the Border of the Month in 2 colorways:



Both winners will also receive a copy of the Quilt Bee App if they have an Apple device.

Quilt Bee App


BIG thank you to all sponsors and giveaway bloggers from the last 6 weeks!  It couldn’t have been Sunday Funday without you.

Please be sure check out the other Giveaway Parties hosted today:



Good luck!  There are several different ways to enter this time.




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170 Responses to “Sunday Funday Giveaway!”

  1. I don’t think I have any strange habits, then again I haven’t really been sewing long, so maybe I just haven’t developed them yet. Although I do always put my feet up on another chair – it’s so much more comfortable. I can do this as my machine has a start/stop button and a speed slider.

  2. I can’t sew without every light in the house and the tv on. Oh and barefoot is a must.

  3. Gotta sew sock footed! And I tend to clean up the space if I get in a rut.

    • Whoopsie! I clicked Yes, that I had checked out all the other giveaways– I did visit Quilt Art Designs, but I never entered Quilt Art Designs’ giveaway….

  4. I can’t use a thimble to save my life… instead I end up with a bruised thumb! lol

  5. I must sew barefooted and my sewing area must be relatively neat and tidy.

  6. I drop threads every where. I really need a thread catcher or something!

  7. I’m a new sewer so don’t have any old habits.

  8. Tried to link to my blog but I just don’t know how! Hope FB is okay to link up instead!

  9. I can’t wear shoes either! I think that is a pretty popular thing. One thing that I do is I can’t really sew sitting down. I stand unless I’m quilting. I feel like I get a more accurate seam since I can watch the fabric from above rather than straight on. When I was at a retreat a lot of people commented on me standing to sew…I guess I’m just weird!

  10. I definitely can’t use a sewing machine with sews on.


  11. I have to be barefoot and I have to wash my hands before I touch any fabric. Thanks for the giveaways!

  12. I watch Resident Evil while I sew…at least once a month, I find it one of the best movies to sew to….

  13. Oh my gosh!! Awesome prizes for the lucky winners. I am a follower. I can only be creative in the very early morning hours.

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