May 16th, 2013

Block Rock’n Week 6 – Marley

by Julie Hirt

Welcome to week 6!   Here is the “Marley” block (aka Three Little Birds).



This may be my favorite block of the series, so far.  I actually had the name picked out before I made the block!  I knew I wanted to do something with Bob Marley and I love the song Three Little Birds.  Then I had to figure out a block.

The other blocks don’t really match their namesake, but this one made sense to try.  I also like how the center makes a 4 pointed star.

Rise up this morning
Smiled with the rising sun
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singing sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true
Saying, “This is my message to you-u-u”


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Due to changes within Craftsy, I am moving the patterns to Etsy. 
Buy the entire series of 12 blocks for $5 or each block for $1.  

Download HERE

Feel free to share within sewing groups if you use this pattern as your Bee block!
It does NOT need to be purchased multiple times. Same with the series purchase.

If you make this block I’d love to see it:


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Hope you enjoy this one, see you back in two weeks for week 7!



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24 Responses to “Block Rock’n Week 6 – Marley”

  1. oohh, I think this may be my favorite too! I may skip ahead to this one :)
    Nice job.

  2. I like it too! I didnt really see the star in the middle until you mentioned it and it does pop right out of there once you see it. Nice work

  3. This is such a cute block! I can’t wait to see the finished quilt!

  4. pretty, jumping over from Anything Goes !!

  5. Those are some nice crispy points you got there, great work. Love the design too! Very creative:)

  6. sweet little block…i like bob marley

  7. I love this block – very modern – You did a really great job!

  8. Hi, I just found your site and downloaded all of the blocks! I just love them! The Doors don’t seem to have a block yet tho…. I’ve been quilting for about a year and just love paper piecing. Thanks for your hard work and beautiful bocks!

  9. Love this! What a wonderful block, love the colours and you picked a great song too!

  10. Love this track, takes me back to growing up in London :) The colours in your block are wonderful – very Rasta!! Great stitching.

    Singing don’t worry… have a great w/e :) x

  11. oh this is lovely . thankyou very much.xx

  12. I love the blocks.

  13. i have to make this one. My cat’s name is Marley!

  14. Grateful for your genius! I see fish not birds and my grandson needs a bed skirt with fish on the pockets. Got to go sew.

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