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May 5th, 2013

Contact Cards

by Julie Hirt


Wheee!  I love how they turned out.

Since I’m not a business, I guess they are contact cards or calling cards.   Whatever they are, they’re kind of fun with the fabric and stitching texture.

I thought of doing this a while back but was stuck on what to call myself.  I didn’t like Quilter or Sewist, and I’m not a Seamstress.  My friend Jonelle helped me brainstorm big time!  I finally settled on Stitcher & Fabric Fanatic.  Although, Fabric Hoarder would be more accurate.


Since I save fabric scraps like crazy, this is just another way to use a few of those small pieces.  Each card turns out one of a kind.

The card design was simple enough and I just had a local printing company hook me up with a box and round the corners.  The cards aren’t much to look at without the fabric. I’m sure the printer thought I was nuts.

Soon I’ll have matching note cards.  Muahaha!  It’s the little things.



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