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May 20th, 2013

Ready for a Game of Bags

by Julie Hirt

The bags our game came with were total crap so I decided to make some new ones.


We tailgate a lot and usually play a few rounds of bags.  Some people call it Cornhole, but that just reminds me of Beevis and Butthead (I am the great cornholio!).



  • Two 1/4 yard cuts of Duck Canvas in different colors (60″ wide)
  • Two 1/4 yard cuts of  cotton Team or decorative fabric
  • 8 pounds of beans, feed grain corn or plastic pellets
  • Scissors
  • Coordinating thread
  • Sewing Machine

We chose to use beans because we don’t like the dust the corn makes.  This is totally a personal preference and you can use whatever you want to fill your bags.


  • Cut eight 7″ squares from each color of duck canvas.
  • Cut four 7″ squares from each decorative fabric.


To make a bag stack 3 pieces of fabric together:  Duck canvas, decorative fabric (right side up) and another layer of  duck canvas.


Pin 2″ in from each side, leaving a 3″ gap marked for turning.


Set your sewing machine stitch to TRIPLE stitch for durability.


Sew from pin to pin and rounding the corners as you go. Use a 1/2″ seam allowance.


Trim the corners being careful not to clip into the corner.


Turn your bag to the right side and fill with 1 pound of your filler.  It will all fit but you may need to shake and squeeze it a bit.


Fold the sides in on the 3″ gap and pin or clip in place.


Be sure you are still set to triple stitch.  Shake all the beans to the bottom and move your needle as far to the left as you can and sew across the gap.  It’s a little bit of a tight fit but you can do it.


Voila!  A nice and sturdy bean bag that is customized to your color preference.


These whip these up pretty quickly. They make a fun gift for a sports lover, cornhole player or even to bring along to the park or a picnic. Kids love playing too.

bags (2)

Duck cloth also comes in purple, pink and turquoise!  Not sure if my husband would appreciate pink polka dot bean bags though.



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