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May 13th, 2013

Whirligig Tutorial (updated)

by Julie Hirt

I’ve been thinking about making another one of these so I pulled up my old tutorial.  It needed some updating.  The Whirligig (wonky windmill, whatever you want to call it) was the 2nd quilt I made.


If you’ve never made one, they come together pretty quickly.  I’m think about using a combination of bright fabrics and low volume instead of prints and a solid.  We’ll see… I always have so much on my ‘want to do’ list!


May 10th, 2013

Share Your Blog With Me!

by Julie Hirt




If you follow me I’d like to follow you!

I’m always looking for new quilty-type blogs to follow.  Love seeing the images! Everything from fabrics to patterns to works in progress to finished quilts and everything in between.

Just post your blog URL in the comments.  I’m currently using The Old Reader but I’ll get you added in BlogLovin too.


See you next Friday for Block Rock’n Week 6!



May 5th, 2013

Contact Cards

by Julie Hirt


Wheee!  I love how they turned out.

Since I’m not a business, I guess they are contact cards or calling cards.   Whatever they are, they’re kind of fun with the fabric and stitching texture.

I thought of doing this a while back but was stuck on what to call myself.  I didn’t like Quilter or Sewist, and I’m not a Seamstress.  My friend Jonelle helped me brainstorm big time!  I finally settled on Stitcher & Fabric Fanatic.  Although, Fabric Hoarder would be more accurate.


Since I save fabric scraps like crazy, this is just another way to use a few of those small pieces.  Each card turns out one of a kind.

The card design was simple enough and I just had a local printing company hook me up with a box and round the corners.  The cards aren’t much to look at without the fabric. I’m sure the printer thought I was nuts.

Soon I’ll have matching note cards.  Muahaha!  It’s the little things.



May 4th, 2013

Want The Old (google) Reader? You Can!

by Julie Hirt

FINALLY!  I’ve been frantic about Google Reader going away.  I am NOT a fan of BlogLovin or Feedly… what to do?  This morning I found THE OLD READER.



The Old Reader looks very similar to Google Reader  I think it’s made that way on purpose. It’s basic and I dig it.  You will need to export your Google Reader list and import it into The Old Reader. The process is a bit much, but just takes a minute.

When I use BlogLovin it reminds me of a weird version of Pinterest and I’m not getting into the blog content like I want to.  Feedly just has too many options for me.  I obviously don’t like change. Meh.

Man, this is just a sigh of relief for me.  Now I just need to work on adding about a hundred blogs I have bookmarked.

May 3rd, 2013

Come join a new Quilt Bee

by Julie Hirt


We will be using Quiltville’s Scrappy Trip Around the World tutorial.

To Join:


Hope you’ll join us!

May 2nd, 2013

Block Rock’n Week 5 – Caldonia

by Julie Hirt

Caldonia is more of a Block Rock’n Blues name.  I’m a jazz and blues fan and thought this was an appropriate song choice for the series.



“Caldonia” is a jump blues song, first recorded in 1945 by Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five. A version by Erskine Hawkins, also in 1945, was described by Billboard magazine as “rock and roll”. The first time that phrase was used in print to describe any style of music. – Wikipedia


Pretty cool, huh?  It’s also one of the 500 Songs that Shaped Rock & Roll.  There are several versions of Caldonia on YouTube (that you should check out!) – here is one of my favorites.


embedded by Embedded Video



I really like the blue and orange together.  (thanks GoGoKim for picking these colors)



You can see on the block above that I sewed the white pieces different (switched pieces 6 & 7) to see if I liked the seams better. It looks okay either way but I made the pattern like the other blocks.


I made so many versions because these are for my 4×5 Modern Quilt Bee.  I hope my hive members enjoy their blocks – they picked some great color combinations!  I’m kind of sad to see the blocks go, I need to make one for myself.


I wanted to see how the Caldonia blocks would look as a quilt and I’m in love.  Wouldn’t this make an adorable baby quilt?  Without borders the size would be 36″ x 48″.  There is a baby coming that I need to make a blanket for, hmm…

Due to changes within a Craftsy, I am moving the patterns to Etsy. 
Buy the entire series of 12 blocks for $5 or each block for $1.  

Download HERE

Feel free to share within sewing groups if you use this pattern as your Bee block!
It does NOT need to be purchased multiple times. Same with the series purchase.

If you make this block I’d love to see it:

Have a blog? Grab a button and share the fun – this is a free series! Code is here.



From this week forward I’ll be posting a new block every *other* Friday.   I’m hoping the weather shapes up (it’s SNOWING today, in MAY, in KANSAS) and I can start spending some time outside.   Happy Sewing!


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